Strange - Vonray

A simple life is what you need
But you just see things different
You?re turning whispers into screams
It?s crazier ?everyday

And things have never been the same
Since that awkward moment
I ask you why you have to take
The muddy road ?everyday

I can see it clearly now
Love is never easy

Where is this light you hope I?ll find
We?re hopelessly locked up inside
There?s no way out no way to win
You say I?m indifferent?I just think you?re

You line you?re dreams up the a shelf
You just sit and watch them
You wish I was somebody else
Off your feet?swept away

But change is never welcome here
And it makes me wonder
How circumstances turn to fear
Another place?another day

Can you see it clearly now
We?re running out of reasons


Where was I when all this changed
Too bad there?s nothing left to say
You think I?m indifferent
I just think you?re strange

(Double chorus)
You tell me I?m indifferent
I just think you?re strange

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