Unstoppable wave - Vonray

Hiding in the grass I see what's left of a lost society.
Held fast in the grips of a worldwide monarchy.
With the film under their skin,
They're free to buy and trade and spend,
And everyone's entitled to the right to equal deadly sin.

Arising is an unstoppable wave,
crushing those who won't behave.
Those who won't bend their knee
become a new age spirit slave.
Right is bad, the darkness reigns.
Everyone's on the spirit's plain.
No one doubts the afterworld no one dares to explain.
The leader is the new worlds' friend.
Death is on, they're all in.
Their souls are on the battlefield they don't know
they can?t win.

But those who heed with eyes up high
Can see the beauty in the sky.
Rejoice the time has come for your holy souls to fly.
Fly high away

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