B-Movie Babylon - Wednesday 13

I'm the dog, I'm the bone
I'm the blood in the ice cream cone
I'm the sticks, I'm the stones
That's breaking your f**king bones
I'm the dirt, I'm the filth
I'm your little happy pills
I'm the worms in the can
I'm the corpse in the body bag

Now we're ready for the non stop thrills and chills
Bury the hatchet and the blood will start to spill
The stars, they will fall
And they don't mean nothing at all
When you're a teenage waste
Starring B-movie Babylon

I'm your bug in the shell
I'm your own private hell
I'm your hopes, I'm your dreams
I'm the monster that makes you scream
I'm your neck in the noose
I'm your screw that's coming loose
I'm your curse, I'm your grief
I'm your neighborhood body thief

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