9 - Willow Smith feat SZA

Breathing's easier under water
I can see sky from here
Please remember, all you've taught her
I can see God from here

If only I could stay, If only I could stay for you
I would try
If only I could wait, If only I could wait for you
I would fly

If only I could stay, If only I could pray
If only I could wait, If only you could stay
Up, up in your zone, Yes, you're all alone
Yes I'm all alone
Not negative, just different
You wanna have lunch, and I wanna have a picnic
You wanna go up, I wanna just fly all night

Cause baby you
Got me tired of this, love thing its tough cause I, want to love you but you, keep being so afraid, afraid
If only I could stay, if only you could stay
Up, up in your zone, Yes you're all alone, Yes i'm all alone
Getting in the car, we cruisin', going down the PCH, I'm going to get a smoothie
Never had a problem, but I know that you gon' do this, cause you the smoothest

Blue is the emotion, that I'm feeling
Apologies an option, let me hear it
What took you so long to finish your storm son?
Not negative, Just different
You wanna go out, I wanna finish living
You wanna get up, when I could just lay all day, with you
When I could just stay all day, with you
Hey baby, you're sack of potatoes, we could grow eyes for later
Moments to savor

We made, we made, we made art, art
I can't stop, stop, you've blown away, away, away
I don't play wanna no more, I'm not a kid no more
I've did some things, that you can see, that I've been gone away
That I have room to be whom I want to be, and you don't even talk to me
It's three, It's three, It's me, It's Moi, It's Jay, It's all these days
My days are numbered, you can come through

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