Radioactive Introduction - Yelawolf

The United States Army has issued a warning
Three nuclear bombs have been launched from North Korea and will hit
Orlando, Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada, and New York City, New York
This will expire at 5 o'clock A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Please get to an underground shelter or a fallout shelter immediately
Once again, three nuclear bombs have been launched by North Korea
And will hit Orlando, Florida,
Las Vegas, Nevada, and New York city, New York
This will expire at 5 o'clock A.M. eastern standard time

I am, I am the American Eagle, eyes of a sparrow,
Right hand branch, left hand arrow
Chasing a dollar, in an Impala
White trash heart-throb, mellow yellow
Drinkin' hard liquor, broads get on my level
I'm hotter than the bottom side of of a whistlin' kettle
They threw a mountain at me, I got hit with a pebble
They sent me to hell and I sh_t on the devil
Tried to bury my Chevy box but I won't buckle
Hey that's a deep hole b*tch, bring a long shovel
I'm long gone, I'm grown-up and I'm gonna cut you
With a chrome blade if you wanna play then homes f*ck you!
F*ck you til you can't take a sh_t,
Yea I'ma f*ck everybody tsunami, better anchor the ship
And aim for the ankles and wrists, I came for the dangerous sh_t
I claim to be named for the hits, the game is a chain that I grip
Slain from the pain of a trip it took to see Wayne in a whip
I became what I came to get the change for the change
I give a quarter for your thoughts, pre'ciate the contribution
Slumerican, I depreciate the Constitution
Alleviate the crew when I leave a page in ruins
To each his own I guess I own each and every room in
The house I built is full of hopes no "ifs"
So I stand with a giant like a king, no stilts
If I'm generation X I'm selling X no pills
Dope man choppin' up lines ya don't sniff - You read 'em
I'm bringin' back booklets and hook-less lyrics
So you can be certain just in case you didn't hear it
The "what he say's", "come again's", "what is that"
Come to Earth, touchdown! I might be your running back
Because you hollered "run it back"
Stay cool enough to wear toboggan's as a summer hat
Steady on the drum I rap, hope there's no one under that
Rock that I roll mosh-pit thow'd,
Girls on ya shoulders get topless at the shows
F*ck your mop and glow, can't mop a dirt road
It only makes mud, raised around deer I know how to chase bucks
Baby sitter 16 taught me how to make f*ck... at 7
I been raising hell so I can make it to heaven
Pick up a 2 liter but I only need the plastic
Know how to make bombs with aluminum and acid
B_tterfly effect of a hurricane's magic
Tornado path in the rear view mirror of my 87 classic
I'm talkin' bout Gadsden,
Look mama no hands, I'm radioactive!

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