Bad Bitch - YG

[Hook x2]
She a bad b_tch
Ain't worryin' 'bout nothin' cause she know she the baddest
In that Gucci pumps, Gucci purse and Gucci glasses
Aye here's the keys to my whip, you can have it
Cause she a bad b_tch
[Verse 1]
I need me a bad b_tch
And everything she wear be fresh out the plastic
20 inch weave and don't care about sh_t, now that's a bad b_tch
Oh yeah your girlfriend bad but she baddest
She bend over, pick it up and let me grab it
And she know I'm a p_ssy killer, I'm a savage
So she bend over, pick it up and let me have it
Now that's a bad b_tch, and she remind me of a top model diva
Light skinned skinny b_tch, she remind me of Eva, sh_t
Even though she lie to me, I would never leave her
Lay on my plate and let me eat yah
I got a bad b_tch and her name Lisha
And she got her Gucci pumps, Gucci purse and Gucci glasses
Bad b_tch, and she remind me of Janet Jackson
Think your girl clean but my b_tch cleaner
Pull up on the scene with 23's sittin' on the Bimmer like

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
She gotta be real bad, real bad and pretty
And she gotta be hood cause I like [?]
And she never trippin', never actin' like she [?]
And if she bang the neighborhood at least I know she rollin' with me
If she ain't wearin' Gucci pumps, she got her other boots on
Like Marvin Gaye, we can get it on
And she get my d_ck hard when I see her in a thong
Take it off, don't stop, I hope I don't sound rude
And I'm a thug, shawty never f_cked with a Blood
I got tattoos, tattoos and some more tattoos
I ain't your boyfriend but I can be that dude
Cause you a bad b_tch and I'm a bad boy
And if you don't want a boyfriend, I can be your boytoy
Bad b_tch with an attitude and she [?]
I'm so fresh, so fresh, so clean
And it should be against the law, how she lookin' at me
Cause she a bad b_tch

[Hook x4]

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