Bitches Aint Shit - YG feat Tyga & Nipsey Hussle

B_tches ain't sh_t, but hoes and tricks [x8]

Got this b_tch named Tasha, She let me f_ck her in the car.
Like kim kardashian, she wanna be a Star.
Got this b_tch named Britanny, With BIG ASS TITIES.
But b_tches ain't sh_t, cuz B_tches act Mickey (ughhhhh)
Got a main b_tch, but I don't need her.
Everytime we f_ck, I gotta pop a bean first.
Hit the purp, then eat that p_ssy for dessert.
It gets worse, just watch when she squirt.
I got this b_tch who act Sadity,
She live in the sixties,
Everytime she hear I got a new b_tch, She says she miss me.
Imma thug out this club, She stay up in the Jungles.
Everytime we go to Crenshaw Mall, she have a Rumble.
Got this b_tch in the Hoovas, I don't wanna losaaaaa.
Ass so fat to measure it, I need a rulaaa.
Got this Bad B_tch, that go to Northridge.
She always wear gucci, but she can't Afford It.

B_tches ain't sh_t, but hoes and tricks [x8]

Take a b_tch life, Now it's my life.
Needa b_tch that can F_ck, Cook, Clean, right.
Turn a b_tch out, make her lick twice.
Yeah she eat p_ssy, but she don't f_ck dikes.
Laid in the middle, two Miller Lites
Straight kill a b_tch, pop rocks little sprite.
Bam bam little chubby ass gooy car,
Tell the b_tch twinkle twinkle come meet a star,
I don't ODOM, no lamar
Kind of money make her come out her Leotard,
I'm in this b_tch, like my d_ck hard.
And I shuffle money, Like playing cards.
YG tell them b_tches wassup, they ready to cut no,
links in my suit, we don't cuff em,
Straight duck em, Like donald.
Quack Qwak,
I dont even know the sound them b_tches make cuzzzzzz....

B_tches ain't sh_t, but hoes and tricks [x8]

[Nipsey Hussle]
Look I like b_tches, that's lightskinned-ed,
With ah whole a lot of ass, and get right with it,
Off a pill, I can prolly' make her like b_tches,
Lick Lick it, like a lolli till it's like Liquid,
These hoochies always talkin' bout, where my d_ck is,
But if it's not in your mouth, then get out my business,
A n_gga real ratchet, I ain't write this Sh_t,
Known to f_ck and cut her off, Lightswitches.
Uh, Now What I get ? Money b_tch,
You look good, but to me you just a bummy b_tch,
And the funny sh_t is, you know my other b_tch,
Met me through her, on some under cover lover sh_t,
Got damn, ain't that your homegurl?
Scandalous b_tches, we livin' in a cold world.
That's why I flip em, flip em like ah zone gurl.
And everyweek I change my number to my phone cuz...

B_tches ain't sh_t but, hoes and tricks [x9]

[Fades out]

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