Bompton - YG

[Verse 1]
N_gga, I'm from Bompton
Talking that sh_t n_gga get yo' ass boobopped-like-boowop
Pop-pop, that's two shots
My shooters in the hood going ham, they need to woosa
N_ggas ain't beefing with a hamburger
I'm on Rosecrans n_gga at Tam's Burgers
I'm buying AK's and handguns
Through the enemies foul, n_gga; and-1
I'm really with the sh_t though
I'm really on the block with a pistol
Let it blow like a whistle
Yo' mom's looking like she do crystal
I'm a hundred rack boy
But daddy is a b_tch and you a son of that boy

N_gga I'm from Bompton
That's why yo' b_tch wanna f_ck
And yo' homies don't like me cause they know where I'm from
N_gga I'm from Bompton
I be really in the hood though
Mama never understood though
N_gga I'm from Bompton
New sh_t dropping, whip copping, n_gga I'm popping
N_gga I'm from Bompton
Where the Crips say, "errrb"
And the b_tch n_ggas get on my nerves

[Verse 2]
I'm buying choppers like tennis shoes
And I hate doing interviews
Cause criminals don't like talking
I don't go to funerals, I don't like coffins
You wasn't catching fades in the county
N_ggas told you "roll it up" and you was out it
I got Crips they be TG'd up
I heard you hit the county and be PC'd up
Your b_tch f_ck me cause I'm poppin'
I be on the block when the police watching
And if you cross the street, there's a store there
But that's the enemy store we don't go there
N_gga I'm from Bompton
I know ese's and all my enemies b_tches wanna sex me
All my YG's give it up, enemies hit 'em up
West side Tree Top gang, we don't give a f_ck


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