Bomptown Finest - YG

Bomptown finest
Bomptown finest
Look, uh, n_gga, Bomptown's finest

I done did the unexpected
They countin' n_ggas out, now them d_ckheads respect us
You unsure about me bein' successful
Well, I'm unsure about your ass standin' in my section
'Cause I done put in overtime, caught cases, pop straps when Pop think I lost my mind
Where I'm from they try to hate and politic
But f_ck that, buy a strap, slow them up with hollow tips
I'm, self made, self paid, self safe of everythang
And that Maybach doin' donuts, b_tch
I'm in Bompton, still hitting' corners
And if the 'Gnac gone, n_ggas still sip Corona
I done made me, I feel good about it
But them s_ckas try to tell me, take the hood up out me
Who would Master P be if he wasn't "'Bout It 'Bout It"?
Or HOV without the Marcy Projects

I'm Bomptown's finest, yeah, n_gga
Bomptown's finest, 4Hunnid, 4
N_gga, Bomptown's finest, yeah
Bomptown's finest, uh

Now when I pull up, everything exotic
Can't complain, life's sweet, blue drank, Hpnotiq
The past year I've been makin' all profit
My team finally got it, then somebody shot me
Damn, that's just the Devil, my n_gga
But thank god it ain't end with a shovel, my n_gga
Have it dusted off my shoulders like whatever, my n_gga
And Frogg ain't gone, he live forever, my n_gga
Rest in peace to my n_gga Frogg
You know your 4Hunnid n_ggas out here, doing they sh_t, n_gga
My n_gga gone but never forgotten
You know anytime I bheese, I told you what's poppin'
Uh, so y'all n_ggas finally made it
Buddha still the same, you know that n_gga brazy
You know when small n_ggas hatin'
There's money being made now so n_ggas started changin'
And Game just dropped Documentary 2
He got some bangers on there, and what he talkin' about true
I know you and Peso had issues, but real sh_t, it seem that n_gga miss you
Your kids, I took them Christmas shopping
You know me, I'ma do my part, n_gga I gotchu
I know you watchin' so you know what's up with G man
He was just worried about his kids and his freeman
Your mom said that you said, we was on bad terms
Man that sh_t work a n_gga nerves
But long as Lil Buddha on this Earth, its long live Lil Frogg that's my word

N_gga Bomptown's finest
Ayy, n_gga Bomptown's finest
Ayy, n_gga, Bomptown's finest
This is Bomptown's finest
N_gga, Bomptown's finest

Third verse, three years later, still Piruin' it, still gettin' paper
Gotta tell you about the homies, whole lot up in the makin'
Teebee, yeah that's my n_gga, but we ain't talk much lately
Me and H fell out, me and Mustard fell out
Me and you fell out 'cause there was some sh_t you didn't tell me 'bout
But I ain't even trippin' 'cause I get the bigger picture
Big Buddha that's my n_gga, so you know you my n_gga
Turtle gone, Chica-gone, Buddha three call you know I answer my phone
High n_gga skinny jeans, be the realest from the team
This how them old n_ggas holla behind the scene
And baby Buddha, my Tree Top trooper
Big homies don't love ya 'cause they ain't say nothin' to ya
But in real time the sh_t out here be too tough
Gotta stay dangerous, gotta keep touped up
Hoppin' out with two tucked doin' too much
Don't give two f_cks livin' like I can't lose much
F_ck luck, hit the bottle, now I'm f_cked up
Spread the money out
Pistol goes around, come around, n_gga, nunchucks
Blow it once okay, blow it twice, you a dumb f_ck
I done took homies off the block
Who knows how many homies I done saved from gettin' popped
Look at Slim he ain't gotta sell rocks
I told him figure out this rap sh_t, then you buy the block
Look it's like 800, lookin' like money
I told him save that sh_t don't spend it all on the day
Ayy Buddha, ru' you know what it ru'
We got some sh_t in the makin', it's bomin' soon
Went from slangin' to bangin' and burglaries before school
Then finesse this rap sh_t on Piru

Bomptown's finest
Ayy, n_gga Bomptown's finest
Ayy n_gga, Bomptown's finest
This is Bomptown's finest
N_gga, Bomptown's finest

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