Don't Trust - YG feat Young Scooter

Roll that sh_t up, n_gga
That California...
(Put that on the beat, hoe)

I ride for my n_ggas, I die for my n_ggas
But hopefully none of us go - we keep gettin' money
We stay one hundred, and I'll put the Rollie up for hoes
We don't trust you n_ggas... f_ck you n_ggas
We don't trust you n_ggas
We don't trust you n_ggas... f_ck you n_ggas
We don't trust you n_ggas

[Verse 1: YG]
We don't trust you n_ggas...
We'll f_ck your b_tch, then make her f_ck my clique
If I can't get you...
Then I'm a get her - and play piano with her clit
N_ggas try and go against the clique
But how some broke n_ggas gon' go against rich?
It's all bad if I crack your b_tch, I'm gettin' money
I should go gold, this is thick, yeah
They say you live and your learn, well I learned
N_ggas won't be sh_te with a perm
Youse f_ckin' with me, now it's f_ckin' with me
You say you real? Then you a real-ass dummy
Karma might have somebody pop your b_tch ass
Now your mama hopin' she ain't lost your b_tch ass
Keep callin' my phone, askin' me for favors
So I had to put a block on your b_tch ass


[Verse 2: Young Scooter]
EBG, everybody get it
Certified young n_gga give a damn 'bout a n_gga
YG man, f_ck these n_ggas
If a n_gga cross us we'll hash out a n_gga
Can't compete my right hand with my left hand
Glocks don't jam, shootin' shots at you n_ggas
Bad b_tch she in California and rollin' California, OG kush, n_gga
When I'm in the club, shooters outside
They don't give a damn 'bout a n_gga standin' in the crowd
If a hater turnt up, lift my head up
Bet them young n_ggas gon' turn his ass down
I don't trust nobody, don't trust me
Took a lot of n_ggas' sh_t when I was on E
You know Young Scooter you know the street
Man, f_ck y'all n_ggas, 'cause I gotta eat


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