Free The Homies Interlude - YG

This is Global Tel Link
You have a prepaid call from TeeCee
An inmate at the Delano Community Correctional Facility, Delano, California
This call and your telephone number will be monitored and recorded
To accept this call, say or dial 5 now
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Yo YG what's happenin' fool? It's TeeCee
Sh_t n_gga stay callin' your ass
You never answer the motherf_ckin' phone
But sh_t look bro a n_gga calling you to let you know that I'm lookin' for them dollars n_gga
N_gga really down in this b_tch you feel me
N_gga stomach damn near touching his back you feel me?
But you stay coming through for a n_gga man I appreciate that man you feel me?
Sh_t the last five years wouldn't be the same without you
A lot of n_ggas turned they backs to me sh_t
[?] I appreciate you fool you know what I'm sayin' like
Keep doing yo sh_t though you feel me?
Keeping your [?] on these n_gga's backs man I see you man
And fool look I know you be out here on some street sh_t
But look man that sh_t ain't worth it
I been here with n_ggas that really be walkin' the yard all they life you feel me because of one decision they made you feel me?
And you got the opportunity to change n_gga's lives, change your life, change your family's life man you should get out there and do that you feel me?
A lot of n_ggas don't get to see and do the sh_t that you done you feel me?
Especially a n_gga like me that been sittin' in here everyday and never [?] sh_t's the same you feel me?
Ay but look man, send my love out to all the homies and sh_t man
Tell em' I miss em' you feel me?
N_ggas still remember everybody. Tell your moms, tell your little bro and all of them what's hannin'
[?] but look bro, I'm about to get up off this phone you feel me?
Bout' to be chow time you feel me?
You know what I'm saying?
Stay dangerous n_gga, stay on your sh_t n_gga
Keep doing you n_gga
Keep your foot on these n_gga's neck all day long you feel me?
I'm out though n_gga this TeeCee, you already know the deal n_gga
One love n_gga, I love all you n_ggas, stay up

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