Goin up - YG


The club is goin' up
Everybody in the party drunk
Put some more up in my cup
This my song, tell the DJ turn it up
Cause girl you bad as f_ck
I really think we should hook up
I bet that I can have you sprung
With some chicks with my tongue
Make you come up out your pumps
I bet that I can make you come
Told her baby loosen up
Take a sip and now we drunk
[Verse 1]

This my song, DJ turn it up
Treat you like arts and crafts, I'm tryna cut
Baby got back, dunk in her trunk
Baby with a blunt, cause we can light it up
Turnt up in the party, kush and Picardi
Need a girl like Nicki be my size barbie
Order drinks 'til you can't walk no more
And you ain't smoking if you ain't drop on the dro
We can ball and take shots all night 'til I'm broke
Lil' mama hotter than a pot on the stove
This ice on my neck leave all these hoes ...
I'm turnt up, I'm super turnt up
We need drink, mo' weed, and mo' blunts
I'm turnt up, I'm super turnt up
Tryna take baby to the cut and you don't know what


[Verse 2]

Hop on the chick, get my dance on
Lap dance feeling like we ain't got no pants on
I turn 20 March 9, I'm damn near grown
So you know I'm in the club, get my grown man on
Girl you bad as f_ck, with or without the pumps
I told her back it up and ride it like a passenger
I be in the club swagging girls, I grocery bag(?)
I make it rain baby, this ain't a game baby
Pop them bottles of Patron and champagne baby
Like the sunrise, my chain is like the sunshine
Baby, I'm insane she knows it's Pushaz to the brain baby
Haha, I say let's kick it on the low
She said fa'sho, I called the bro, he brought the drink, I brought the dro
Choking when I hit the purp so you know that I am turnt
And the club is going up like the motherf_cking ...


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