How 2 Make It in America - YG feat Mac Miller

[Verse 1: YG]
Okay My Name YG And I Came To Play
F_ck, Then I Bust A Nut, N I Aim Her Face
Yeah I'm a Real N_gga, I Ain't Got Time To Fake
The Glock Like A Fan, Ha Blow Ya Mind Away
I'm On My Grind Told My Momma F_ck A 9-5
I Get Money F_ck B_tches That's My Alibi
I'm Laughing in Ya B_tches P_ssy Like Hahahahahaha
But Anyways I'm Getting Paid, Yeah I get It How I'm Living
Treat The Game Like A Spider In My House, I Gotta Get Her
Okay Big D_ck Bandit, Yeah Ya B_tch Know
We Outside Smokin That Indo, And My Momma Bends Em, An My Momma Bends Them
I'm a Keep Young N_gga, N My Momma Frenso
Give Her A Bottle Of Cirroc, N Her [?] Peeled
N If She Ain't F_ckin Throw Her Out The Windshield

Real N_gga, Real N_gga, I Ain't Ever Lie
Change Hoes Like Channels Got These B_tches Televised
Here That N_gga Puff Puff, Now That N_gga Hella High
An I Can Show You How To Make It In America
How Ya Ride, How Ya Ride, On 24 Inches
Hotel Room We Keep 24 B_tches, yup This How I'm Living
N_gga Ya Never Change The Price, Living Fast [?]

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
Uh, A 100 Thousand In The Briefcase, Like I Won A Sweepstakes
Party with Aristocratic B_tches Bring The Cheese Plate
I Really Am This, And It Just Seem Great
Weight Of The World On My Shoulders Till My Knees Break
Give Em' E Pills, Tell Em Be Still
I Got Them Donuts For Ya n They Cream Filled
Got Them Expensive Flows And Extensive Flows
Designer Brands That You Never Own, A Second Phone That I'm Never On
Eating FiletMinOne From Her Resturaunt
And That's P_ssy, And I Prefer Money
Yeah It's Mac Miller YG Fo Hunnid
So Hit My Up With That Dutch To Split
You Mad That Lil White Boy F_cked Ya B_tch
Never Time Ya Better Cuff Yo Chick, Cause She Ain't Ever Gonna Get Enough Of This


[Verse 3: YG]
Okay I'm Riding Threw The City With The Top Down
That's The First Day Of Summer N_ggas Hot Now
I Got Bars That Put You On Lockdown
This Ain't The Weight Room But My N_ggas Got Pounds
I Hit The Block Then I Bounce
She A Young N_gga Gon', Just Get Yo B_tch Quit Blowing Up My Phone
What The f_ck Is going On, Tell That B_tch leave Me Alone
She Only Good When My Whipper In Her Thong
Okay I Meet A B_tch, Beat A B_tch
F_cked Her Then I leave A b_tch
F_cked Her With The Lights Off She Ain't Even See The D_ck
N If She Looked Bad You Know I'm a Eat A B_tch
Now She All On A N_gga Like Cheetah Print
I'm On Mars N My Flow On Jupiter, Wrist Go Dumb But My Chain Go Stupider
I'm The Sh_t B_tch I Have Yo N_ggas Stupider
Now Heavenly Father Please Protect Me From Lucifer


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