I Just Wanna Party - YG feat Schoolboy Q & Jay Rock

[Hook: YG]
Mama ain't raised no fool
Daddy told me never leave the house without my tool
Grandpa told me never trust a s_cka n_gga from the street
Grandma said she love me and she always praying for me
But I just wanna party, I don't wanna hurt nobody
I just wanna party, I don't wanna hurt nobody
I just wanna party, I don't wanna hurt nobody
But I'll beat the f_ck out of a n_gga

[Verse 1: YG]
I'm drunk off Hennessy
Hope I don't run into my enemies
That dark liquor give you energy
Now I ain't rich, but I'm finna be
Your baby mama's a flip, she wanna hit a G
I'm back on that bullsh_t
But she ain't f_ckin' and that's bullsh_t
I can't die, I got too much to live for
I'm getting money, that's what n_ggas rob and kill for
F_cking with Tenisha and Keisha
But when Keisha see Tenisha she gon' whoop her ass
All my homies gangbangers
They dry their clothes on hangers
All these hoes f_ckin', but they don't wanna seem like a ho
So you gotta hit 'em on the low (hit em' on the D-Low!)
West side, get money gang
Socked the mouth for trippin', he lost his watch and earrings


[Verse 2: Schoolboy Q]
N_gga, I'm from Hoover Street
Dirty pictures in my cellphone
On 52nd street I'm well-known
Hoover stomp until the cops come
Silver satin get the job done
Money ain't everything, but still I'm rich
Money ain't everything, I'm still gon' crip
From Figueroa to Harv Side where we sock on lips
We break on jaws, n_ggas since VCR's, n_gga
We hope out cars, n_gga
I be groovin' 'til I die
Smokin' weed until I'm fried
I could sell a key to God
Pants saggin' with the Glock
I ain't wanna pick the box
All my homies gangbangers
We keep a thumb between our two fingers
We trippin' off the Henny
So don't let me catch you slippin' in the 50's, Ricky


[Verse 3: Jay Rock]
N_gga, I'm from Bounty Hunters, East Side lunatic
Gang bang, slap a b_tch
I ain't with the extras, I ain't got a stunt double
You ain't got no hands so they might let the gun touch you
Is you bangin' or you ballin', n_gga?
You a fax machine, we can't call it, n_gga
Everybody ain't a friend, reason why I keep a fo'
You wanna gamble with your life, bet that on the tender-fold, n_gga
She bouncing that ass, go ahead shake it
And if she give me that back, b_tch, I'ma break it
Sh_t, that p_ssy is overrated, some n_ggas'll chase it
She acting like she be nuttin', some b_tches are fakin'
You fightin' to save many souls, know that you losin'
These b_tches the reason why some n_ggas be snoozin'
YG, dawg, you heard how they left his brains hanging?
Shouldn't have chunked his fingers up if he ain't bangin'
I'm sayin'...


But I'll beat the f_ck out of a b_tch
Why you bullsh_tting?

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