I Like - YG feat Juicy J

I like big money, I rock big ice
Big booty b_tches, that's what I like
Ciroc on the ice, bring it with the lights
'Cause that's what I like, I like, I like
Yeah, that's what I like, I like, I like
That's what I like, I like, I like
That's what I like, I like, I like
'Cause that's what I like

[Verse 1: YG]
That's what I like, yeah, that's what I like
If you look like Beyonce, that's what I pipe
But never no wife, I do these hoes trife
This my bread, you will never get a slice
Big d_ck bandit, f_ck you wanna hand me?
It's enough gold, that p_ssy smell like salmon
I said I wanna f_ck... she said "K"
In one day, I blew 100K
We in Miami, stayin' at the Perry
You always gettin' milked like you stayed at the dairy
I be havin' problems, personal problems
I overdosed on Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana
Got the clip in the K that's a big comma
You ain't gettin' money? I don't have that problem
That p_ssy wet like pasta, I don't eat lobster
I gave her that d_ck and told her "hasta manana"


[Verse 2: Juicy J]
Flex it like an athlete, ain't no neighbors by my home
Get faded like I'm fishin' so you b_tches know I'm gone
You know I'm gettin' blown - your girl give me dome
F_cked me on the weekend 'cause she heard me on The Zone
Gucci I got on - Louis I got on
If ain't about no money, then please leave me alone
Hundreds I'm throwin', stupid b_tch I'm grown
How you gon' get these bands if your clothes still on?
Lean and Patron, good weed and gin
Pass out, wake up and do it again
B_tch I go in, don't act like you don't know
You say no to turn-up, Juciy J don't
Finessin' them racks... movin' them packs...
Spendin' them bands... makin' 'em back...
Haters gon' hate, that's a guarantee
Be about your money, broke n_ggas ain't hearin' me


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