Keenon Jackson - YG feat TeeCee4800

[Intro: YG]
Know you n_ggas f_cked up right?
I don't think these n_ggas know how much they f_cked up
Yea, you know you n_ggas f_cked up... right?

[Verse 1: YG]
(Uhh) my name Keenon Jackson
N_gga stay clean, I don't never need a napkin
Known to get it brackin, do it for my lil brother
If I ain't sh_t, b_tch I know I'm a f_ckin' hustler
Flow, so hot I'll give you heat stroke
N_gga name ring bells like ding dong
I got a asian b_tch, she be like "ching chong"
I be back and fourth to the bank like ping pong
Fly n_gga on the mic, I'm a beast though
Ever f_ck the homie b_tch, n_gga three no's
No [x5]
On the set I'm a need those
Mamma chicken good like the Rosco's on Pico
(Uhh) I got the Pradas on my feet ho
Louie V's for my trunks, f_ck speedos
But no, disrespect when I spit n_gga
Had a dream like Martin Luther King, got rich n_gga

I'm, too cocky for my shirt
Too cocky for my shirt
Too cocky for myyy... too cocky
Now bounce dat ass b_tch
Bounce dat, bounce dat ass b_tch [x2]
Smack her on dat ass and bounce dat ass b_tch

[Verse 2: TeeCee 4800]
(Uhh) I hit the block with the pistol
Dice game, n_gga what they hit fo'
(Uhh) With the stash in the whip hand reach, in case I gotta pop a n_gga quick
Ace 4800, b_tch you know the number
Pusha's Inc the label, yea we stunting every summer (Haa)
(Uhh) Got lean and the kush smoke
Cashing out, in class never took notes
(Uhh) Got the 4-5 and the nine
Now that's a muh'fucin rich crime
(Uhh) I'm getting high with Jeezy Uno
Hes on Mars, I'm on Pluto
Fresh Socks, I ain't talking footwear
Leave a n_gga head lumpy like oatmeal
(Uhh) I really don't give a f_ck though
(Uhh) It's four-eight, double O


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