Me & My Bitch - YG feat Tory Lanez

[Hook: Tory Lanez]
Used to have a girlfriend
Now all I got is hoes
Just looking for a down girl
But she was f_ckin on the low

[Verse 1: YG]
Hair done, nails did, caramel complexion
P_ssy stayed wet like she was mixed with Mexican
Love I invested in, Trust I invested in
So if she wasn't f_cking with me I was stressing it
Wasn't no questioning, p_ssy was mine
Wasn't no questioning, Bonnie and Clyde
Still living in my momma house, but I let her move in
Momma thought I was tricking
But really I was just choosin', that was my b_tch
I was claiming her when we was f_cking
My b_tch, wasn't using condoms no nothing
I was in love, she came first before my homies
Like f_ck it, I'm 'bout to get your name tatted on me


[Bridge: Tory Lanez]
And that was me and my b_tch
Knowin that these hoes ain't sh_t
Me and my b_tch
Cause n_gga ridin' on that Westside sh_t

[Verse 2: YG]
Damn, I caught the b_tch cheating
Damn, she was with him last weekend
What you mean you gon' call right back?
What you mean you ain't got time like that?
She f_cked the n_gga I knew
Ain't really f_cked with his crew
I did a song with his brother
And she f_cked with him too
All that sh_t she was talking
She wasn't really 'bout it
And it made it even worse
When my homie told me 'bout it
I gave you your swag, told you to dress like that
I hit your spot, made you say "yes!" like that
And they ask me why I trust no b_tch
Cause my ex had me feeling all embarrassed and sh_t



[Verse 3: YG]
Now she tryna get me back tho
I had her sneakin, creepin through the back door
I was horny, I just wanted to f_ck
I bust a nut in ten minutes I was in a rush
Reality, I hit it and she sad now
She pregnant, she know I coulda been a dad now
She text me like "I love you"
I text her back like "f_ck you"
I looked down and looked up
Her best friend ain't sh_t cause my best friend hooked em up
But she know a n_gga rich now
She text me like "I'm stylin"
She just wanna be my b_tch now


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