Okayyyy - YG feat Charley Hood

[Hook: YG]

I got stacks okay, racks okay
She got cheese okay, i try to be okay
Do I love em'? no way
Do I cuff em'? no way
I just f_ck em then i pass them to my brother okay

Take it off take it off girl n_gga ain't trippin
N_gga got respect for them b_tches who strippin
I got b_tches, and your b_tch one
She let me f_ck the first night yo b_tch dumb!
I, give a f_ck bout what a hater got to say
I made ten racks last night by the way
My, life is a movie get some popcorn and watch it
Actin like you dont wanna f_ck girl just stop it
Im the man in the streets damn she a freak
Tell her [?] to the house but bad b_tch im a G
Oh you dont know me then you nead to read a book
Im a dog, she say hy i say WOOF!
All this n_ggas and all this hoes
Im on all this b_tches with all my broes
You know im, stacking money living life f_cking hella b_tches
I f_cked you last week damn you an hella b_tch


[Verse 2: Charly Hood]

Moet, more sex, more head i get bread
Some words left unsaid cuz if said [??]
Im so hood smoke good everyday
B eat your girls p_ssy cuz a n_gga got the munchis
Im a dog and you looking like lunch meat
Go fast in that water wet like a jet ski
Pusha Ink though ho dont disrespect me
Smoking on fire while im gettin that backie
C H double-O D though fo' sure though
Me and YG dont give a f_ck about no hoe though
You home alone baby well b_tch say no mo' though
Gucci on monday, Thursday is Polo
Wensday is Louie, Thursday you do me
Friday the hotel, saturday jacuzzi
Sunday is chill time but b_tch you never knew me
Im Charly Hood Inglwood autumatic auzi


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