Really Be (Smokin N Drinkin) - YG feat Kendrick Lamar

[Verse 1: YG]
I woke up this morning, I had a boner
I went to sleep last night with no b_tch, n_gga, I was a loner
I be going through sh_t, losin' b_tches and homies
If I don't make it with this rap sh_t, n_gga, I might be homeless
My moms don't got a job, my pop's checks ain't enough
If ain't bringin' home that money, my whole family is f_cked
I swear I move like the mob, I'm watchin' movies too much
If n_ggas want it, you're dead, what would you suggest?
They wonder why I do drugs and hang with thugs
Since I made it the city hated, wait, where is the love?
I ride around with my gun, this is not for fun
I stay protected cause my homie just took one to the lung
Had him on life support, where's the family support?
He knew who shot him, but he ain't even show up in court
Yeah, that's a real G, n_gga, he on a kill spree, n_gga
The homie popped him so I hope he don't kill me, n_gga

[Hook x2: YG]
That's why I really be smokin' and I really be drinkin'
That's why I really be smokin' and I really be drinkin'
That's why I really be smokin' and I really be drinkin'
I be going through some things, you don't know what I've been thinkin'

[Verse 2: YG]
Now I'm ridin' through traffic with 2Pac blastin'
With a b_tch that's irritatin' from all these questions she askin'
Like what b_tches I f_cked, when, how and where
You ain't my main b_tch so why the f_ck do you care
That's why b_tches get f_cked, then turn around and get left
Somebody need to teach them less talk, more sex
I'm pressed when I'm stressed, my granny tell me I'm blessed
Well, why the f_ck do Jesus Christ got me goin' through this sh_t?
Everybody need favors, what happens if I go broke?
Or say I ain't got it, then buy my lolo some new spokes
Right up in your fake setup, f_ck you up like some mace
So f_ck your handout, give a young n_gga some space
Give a n_gga some Ace, give me a blunt that's laced
Sprinkle some molly in it, watch me take this sh_t to my face
The snitch is the shooter, they took time away from his case
Holy sh_t, oh lawd, where is the world today?


[Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar]
I smoke this industry sh_t, to me it's one big ass lick
I walk inside of a buildin', tell the A&R n_gga strip
Tell 'em I need all of my chips, my life been known Section 8
I've been a welfare case, AFDC pump fake
Meanwhile I'm grindin' cause drug money ain't like rap money
Four white kilo snow bunny, equal one whole show, dummy
I'm on this tour bus and I'm f_cked up, I got a bad call, they killed Braze
They killed Chad my big homie Pup
Puppy eyes in my face, bro, and I've really been drinkin'
Why the f_ck I've really been smokin'?
What the f_ck, I'm the sober one
When I'm so stressed out I can't focus
Hideout when I ride out, ski mask with the eyes out
Speed past in the Cut-lass-me and little Ocho
And we young n_gga hop out
2 tears in a bucket, I feel like f_ck it
That's the price of fame, recognize my pain, that's all I know
All alone, but I'm out here though
Call my troops like vamonos
I'm on this tour bus and I'm f_cked up
I got a bad call, and it's all bad
Of OG with my OG and some OE, but the tall glass


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