This Yick - YG feat Dom Kennedy & Joe Moses

[Verse 1:]
YG the rapper don't trick, but YG the rapper got d_ck
YG in a Porsche getting' bang from a sl_t
That I cracked on the bus, I don't give a f_ck, n_gga what?
Mustard on the beat so you know they gettin' plucked
F_cked like I've been watchin' PornHub on dust
F_ck you from the back with your ass up
P_ssy gettin' mashed up, smashed up, mashed like potatoes
Shake it out, aye though!
B_tch named Vaughna ass stacked like Legos
I just wanna f_ck, f_ck all that soft sh_t
Her n_gga got limp, what's that? He got a soft d_ck
Her n_gga can't get in, I be doin' a sit-in
Hit it form the back, smack, smack, 'til it giddy up
Her n_gga broke, he ain't gettin' money, n_gga broke
If I was you I'd probably f_ck me too - b_tch!

Girl I know you want this d_ck
Girl I know you want this d_ck
Girl I know you...

Girl I know you want this d_ck
Girl I know you want this d_ck
Give it to you like bam, bam, bam, bam, bam
Give it to you like bam, bam, bam, bam, bam

[Verse 2:]
Maybe I should drink the whole fifth
N_ggas always eatin' on shrimp
I ain't used to smoke heavy, now I gotta keep a whole zip
N_ggas always talkin' that sh_t
Your money don't be makin' no sense
Pull up to the hood with no tint
N_ggas gotta eat, don't slip
Mustard on the beat, so don't trip
My flow just be makin' hoes sick
I f_cked her last week, she cum quick
Everything you see you don't get
Every n_gga ballin' ain't rich
Every n_gga hatin' is a b_tch
And every n_gga with him ain't sh_t
It's lookin' like the denim gon' rip
But Dom K the rapper won't quit
And Dom K the rapper don't trick
On girls that can barely s_ck d_ck
She like when I watch
And on her birthday, I but my d_ck in her box


[Verse 3:]
Sweet daddy got d_ck, JM is active
Got some head off Twitter, now n_gga that's crackin'
I'm a baby mama killer, your b_tch she can get it
You text a b_tch, she be like "babe, I'm just chillin'"
My daddy was a ratchet, I sleep with the ratchet
Break a b_tch back, I don't need no practice
It's broke-b_tch Kay, s_ckin' with the magnum
You ain't a rich b_tch in a Magnum - bop
Bop bop bleed 'em, Boscoe, we bleed 'em
F_ck a basketball wife with PT and G an 'em
I'm a hood rat's hood rat - hood rat
If you need it you can get that
F_ck, back on the couch
I took a b_tch down in a sec
Your b_tch get around in the set
I d_cked the b_tch down in the set
The b_tch got the set on her neck
I f_cked the b_tch down in the set


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