Up - YG feat LoveRance & IamSu!

[Hook] X4
I beat the p_ssy up up up ooh up up up up

[Verse 1: Iamsu]
Make it shake, like a vibrator
Laugh now, I'mma make you cry later
Your boyfriend was a b_tch n_gga bye hater
I'mma get deep in it tomb raiders all in the crib
Room raiders yeah I'm a dog I be hollering at the moon baby(awhoooo)
I'll break kids but I'mma grown man watch me beat it from the back
Play with that p_ssy with my hands
We can do it on the floor or the chair ma
Matter of fact we can do it anywhere, huh
Call me, I can get it juicy for you
Set the camera up, I can make a movie for you
I'm a nasty n_gga I ain't never lie
It'll make you wanna keep the baby, Kevin Federline
Young Su n_gga, no I don't f_ck around
Your girl calling me begging me to f_ck her now


[Verse 2: LoveRance]
Yeah I eat it, but much rather beat it
Lick yo' girl down cause I know she really need it
Yeah I get her wet, wetter then she ever been
Now she telling me that she gonna tell all her friends
I'm like okay, bring 'em all along
As long as I can stick my tongue in between her thong
Yeah I'm nasty I know ya' like it
Lick the bottom lip baby girl ya gon' bite it
Yeah I go deep I love it from the back
Arch that back, make that ass clap
Make the p_ssy squirt yea I got stroke
Tell me where it hurts
Spread them legs, little mommy watch me work
Tell what it is, show me what it could be
P_ssy on my lips, juice box tastes good to me
Put it on my tongue, fill me on up
Put it in your gut, tear the p_ssy up


[Verse 3: YG]
I beat the p_ssy up like Ali
Mexican b_tches call a n_gga papi
Stop signs won't even stop me
Oh yo' name Tati, well what that sh_t do
Young cold n_gga, f_ck you in the igloo
I'm the pipe man f_ck you on the nightstand
She said her ass look fat in the right pants
And you know I ate her p_ssy cause she light skinned
F_ck you on the bed, bathroom, or the couch
Yea I get it in baby girl no doubt
I make you say ooh I make you say oh
I hit it from the back while you touch yo' toes
We could do it on the stairs, do it upside down
I heard you got a boyfriend, f_ck that clown
And guess what, she call me when she need to f_ck
Cause she know I beat that p_ssy up
(She need that aye!)


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