Yo Nigga Aint Me - YG

See shawty be rocking them things that are lame
And I swear, I swear
If you was my b_tch I'd have you sittin' chillin' right here(right here)
Cause yo' n_gga ain't me he can't do it like this
Yo' n_gga ain't me he can't do it like this x3
[Verse 1: Charley Hood]

Now I used to look fly but I really was a broke n_gga
Now I got money chilling in my house n_gga
B_tches love me they respect my grind
My other b_tch tripping though, she ain't worth my time
If you were real b_tch you would respect me too
They rather act like a ho and coppa attitude
My kush is kill bill, my swag is so smooth
The paper stack high I can't see the little dudes
And I be on some pimping I put 'em on fig(?)
I bellin'(?) to the set like who got a big
I'm eating her p_ssy I think I need a bib
Six flat screens all flew out my crib


[Verse 2: YG]

It's YG the lady's man and a Mercedes Benz
Kicks fresh, whip sitting on the latest rims
If you was my b_tch I'd have you saying, I'm dating him
Put him on date mood and make you start playing him
I be on some fly sh_t like all the time, sh_t
And you would too if you was my b_tch
Drop the top of the whip and tell you hop in
Push a b_tton watch it take off like a rocket
He a stopsign(?)-type n_gga, so stop it
And be my baby in the cradle and the one I rock with
Like the tag on the Gucci bag get it pop it
Like f_ck with me, I give you a profit
How you choose you love like you had other options
Like why you lying to this girl n_gga stop frontin'
They talk about they balling that's just gossip
No disease, but f_ck with me like I got some


[Verse 3: Dubb]

Yo' n_gga ain't me he couldn't be me if I taught him
Hold them Gucci bags all them chinchillas I bought them
Splurging in the mall dropping stacks like I have an orange carrot to my chain, attract the b_tches like they rabbits
Swag on automatic my whole clique tatter
Walk in chick magnet, the bad b_tch bandit
You got the b_tch branded, it's all in the game
But I play it like mad, rich like ( )
To the bank laughing, me and YG and my young n_gga Charley H. double-O D
Looking for a barbie, pink car in the garage
Her name Nicki so I just wanna Minaj
D_ck s_cking her profession she do one hell of a job
Hop on me like a boss see who come and take a ride
Aye, baby how you gon' survive after I eat that p_ssy I'mma eat yo' ass alive


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