Youzza Flip - YG

[Verse 1: Jay305]
I'm that n_gga
Same old n_gga
Ain't sh_t change, name getting bigger
Hoes be choosen
Hootchies be rulen
F_ck is you doin?
B_tch start screwin
I ain't here to play games with ya or kiss ya
B_tch you's a flipper
Be on the dolphin
Since the 8th grade b_tch you been tossin
They used to call you choo-choo at dorsey
See her at stars? yeah at the back though
In and out the club yeah that's that hoe
Kickin it with rappers? yeah that's that hoe
F_ckin with athletes? yeah that's that hoe
Anywhere the money is, is where the p_ssy go
She made a career, off her p_ssy hoe
Damn shame cause the b_tch she still broke
No judgin freak show I check no copy

[Hook x2: Jay305]
Youzza flip, we know you
Don't act, you ratchet
Youzza flip, we know you
Don't act, you passed it

[Verse 2: YG]
Look, Youzza Flip LA ratchet
I heard that p_ssy burn like acid
I'da f_cked you at a studio on fairfax
I hope my n_gga ain't hit it bareback
Afro on the clit that's a no-no
Youz a neighborhood flip they call you roll-roll
You at the county gettin food stamps you doo-doo
I'm on Worldstar licking that new-new
In Hollywood everynight ratchet
You let n_ggas hit it raw? you nasty
Been on your knees s_ckin d_ck so they ashy
You got a chick that pay for anything ratchet
I passed it, Ace thrashed it
Flying outta town f_ckin n_ggas shooting baskets

You ain't know me? b_tch yea I do
You ain't know me? b_tch yea I do

[Hook x2]

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