Play Wit Yo Bitch - Young Dolph

Pass me a lighter man...
Aye I'm in the booth right now right
And I look around and I finally realize...
That I done turned myself to a motherf_cking self made millionaire you digg
Everybody love me except for one group of b_tch ass n_ggas...
Aye don't play with me, play with your b_tch
Let's go

Don't play with me, play with your b_tch
Young n_gga on some multi million dollar sh_t
Fur coat, half a million worth of ice on
I'm lit up like a n_gga cut the Christmas lights on
Why the f_ck do you be so fresh Dolph?
Why you keep your foot on these n_ggas neck Dolph?
Cause we at the top, but we really from the bottom
Tell them pussies f_ck em and that's how I feel about them
Heard your intro your last two mixtapes
I hear you sleek dissin' but that sh_t lame
All that make believe rappin' about c_caine
Don't play with me Ho Gotti you a hoe mane
You went from my biggest fan, to my biggest hater
Begging me to sign with you, but I had too much paper
Still that same n_gga that used to front your big brother
Found that he a b_tch too now I call him your big sister (B_tch)
You still that same n_gga that was beefin' with a dyke (But you a gangsta tho?)
How can I take you serious? Aight
They said them p_ssy n_ggas on your team iron your draws
They say you make them p_ssy ass n_ggas call you boss
But they can't call you King (why?)
Because that's Dolph
I can't drink out that two liter, because that's raw
The streets ours
That new 488 came with a lot of power
My lil n_ggas banging and let them send some scattered showers
Don't play with me, play with your b_tch
Matter fact when I f_cked her she told me you a b_tch
And tell that old n_gga from my hood with you that he a b_tch
You make the city look bad, that's the truth
F_ck n_gga I be in North Memphis more than you
I shot my first twenty videos in my hood
You a p_ssy I heard they never see you in your hood
N_gga quit playin'
Ten M's up, what the f_ck, I'm just sayin'
Oh you must be mad cause they call Memphis Dolphland
I'm at the Super Bowl my money on the Falcons
Aye you big head motherf_cker
Why you hatin' so much?
Oh I forgot you came up rappin' dissin' Three 6 Mafia
Sleek dissin' and dodgin' me n_gga let's get it poppin'
Old p_ssy ass n_gga
Old p_ssy ass n_gga
Was talking 'bout me in your song prior to the side
Found my number in her phone and it hurt your pride
Found my number in her phone and it hurt your pride
When they hear this sh_t, they gon play it five times
Got a lot of foreign cars, that I get too high to drive
Don't play with me, play with your b_tch
Don't play with me, play with your b_tch

So, so I told myself a long time ago right
I said "I ain't gonna expose this p_ssy ass n_gga man, cause we from the same city"
You know, and your whole p_ssy ass team knows n_gga
I've been sparing your b_tch ass for the past 5 years n_gga
You know that sh_t man, come on man
CM who?
The C_caine Musik Faggots
I know, you know, the whole motherf_ckin' city know
You's a b_tch
Don't play with me man, play with your b_tch
Say what you want
I'm the same lil n_gga bro, that was helping your big p_ssy ass brother put food on his table when you wasn't f_cking with him bro
Put it like this, ayo
You was ridin' in the city beefin' with a dyke my n_gga
I don't know no gangsters that beef with motherf_ckin' dykes, my n_gga
That motherf_cker saw that, touchdown, reload it
All that sh_t, whatever the f_ck it was n_gga
N_gga you was talkin' boutta dyke n_gga
N_gga you was beefin' with a dyke out there in North Memphis were you from n_gga
N_gga you a b_tch n_gga
Ho Gotti I'm dissapointed in you man
Stay in your place homie, you know what's up with me
Tell your fat ass big brother man I said he a b_tch too
Matter fact your big sister
Tell your fat ass big sister that I said he a b_tch too
Naw mean
Aye you's a b_tch n_gga
The whole city know that, streets know that
Stay out my way f_ck n_gga
Aye, young n_gga, self made, rich sh_t, fast cars, fast b_tches, yeah...

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