Gooder - Young Money

[Verse 1: Jae Millz]
Young Money, they go
Sittin on the toilet, smokin on some medicated
Countin' loose thousands, I'm living good, they agravated
Two things on my mind, one is to keep stylin
And the second is to get more of this sh_t that I'm counting
Call me J20, I flow like a fountain
And I swear I beat the beat up till that b_tch start ouching
Keep them b_tches' asses bouncin', man we fly like a falcon
Comparing them to us is like a pebble to a mountain
Im a uptown flamethrower young money firestarter
Had to sign on Wayne, I'm from the same place as "Tha Carter" Ha-Harlem
And I aint like none of these other n_ggas
I get it, I spend it, your husband on a budget, Mrs.
Young Money cloud gang so above you n_ggas
Besides these groupies after the shows, who's f_ckin with us?
you might as well have a badge, the way you cuff them b_tches
I sl_t them b_tches, then back to the door, I f_ck them b_tches

[Chorus: Lil Wayne]
Times aint the same, sh_t been going bad
But n_gga we good, n_gga we gooder than the motherf_cka
Than the motherf_cka, this for my motherf_ckas
We run this motherf_cka
So f_ck them n_ggas and f_ck them hoes
Money talks, we say hello
and I'm so, I'm so
I'm so Young Moolah baby

[Verse 2: Gudda Gudda]
Ok it's too much paper and not enough hands to count it
Paper coming in money never going out where
Its young money yeah I hear a lot of n_ggas doubting
This here is god's work, ain't nothing you can do about it
So n_gga join the team or you can catch the sideline
And just get out the game or get hit from the blind side
We makin money while you n_ggas makin petty quotes
You can make it rain, we make it flood like the levee broke
It's all about the paper, money control my whereabouts
About a year from now I'm tryin to break that new McLaren out
Wheels of fortune on the whip, Vanna White in it
B_tch shotgun, probably be your wife in it
Hustle year round nothing come in front of that
Rap real estate and work, I can make a ton with that
Pay me in advance so I'm not coming b_tch
Like Pain, Wayne and Mack Maine, I got money b_tch


[Verse 3: Mack Maine]
Yeah, Young Money I'm the boss, you don't wanna come across
Money do summersaults, bentley on young adults
stuntin on them hoes, it ain't me, its the money folk
Still make it rain, get struck by a money bolt
What it is though, I know what it aint
Yall go hard, I go to the bank
Check my check stubs, b_tch it's Mack Maine
Young money up and runnin, join the campaign

[Verse 4: Lil Wayne]
Times ain't the same, sh_t been goin bad
Bend a b_tch over, pull some money out her ass
I'm tired of the game, cuz it ain't what it was
The chopper's so close, I can give that b_tch a hug
and a gangster need love, so I keep a gangster b_tch
I got that dope d_ck, there ain't a b_tch I can't addict
And I'm lookin at the game, I roll my eyes
I looked at the clock and the hands were tied because


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