Streets is Watchin' - Young Money

[Lil' Wayne - Intro:]
Yeah, uh huh
David Banner on the beat b_tch
Young Money, Streets

[Lil' Wayne - Verse 1:]
I'm a east sider rider, whoa kemosabe
B_tches get to stepping like Koje Natami
P_ssy is a weapon and my hoes think I'm Simon
And simon say go and get my motherf_cking money
Young Moolah b_tch, tell them hoes, take their clothes off
And I don't hunt birds but I'll shoot you in your mohawk
Yeah, flow nasty like coleslaw
Call me mister no flaw

[Gudda Gudda - Verse 2:]
Yeah, I sip drank and pop pills til I dose off
Wake up, grab the mic then I go's off
Too G for office, boss of all bosses
Crucify rappers, nail n_ggas to the crosses
I'm fresh out the slaughterhouse, blood on my apron
We Louisanimals, watch me let the gators in
I'm going on my paper run, a week at the Days Inn
Icing on my fingertips, I be getting cake in

[T-Streets - Chorus:]
I be getting cake then
Watching for the rats and trying not to get snakebit
It's that punting at your face sh_t
And if you scared, you better go and see Mase b_tch
David Banner on the beat hoe
And I beat the beat up like Dee Bo
I got the game on TiVo
So I guess you can say The Streets Is Watchin'

[Jae Millz - Verse 3:]
I don't promise much but I promise you that it'll flow boy
Name Jake but you can call me Pillsbury Doughboy
Silence on the nine but the chopper make mo' noise
But if the b_tch scream, I'ma pop her, no noise
Bank account top solid, Truck nice and brolic
The rims sticking out like the shoulders on Dwight Howard
You n_ggas ain't G's you gents and quite coward
But I'll put you higher than flight pilots

[Gudda Gudda - Verse 4:]
I am petrifying, The metal turn to lightning
Burn through your clothes like an ion
I am no american idol, no Simon Cowell
Wack n_ggas throw in the towel
I'm getting money with the rap, pay me by the vowel
I'm hungry like a pack of wolves so I just howl
Holla, Cash rules everything around me
So I'ma get the money, dolla dolla bills in them hundreds


[Nikki Minaj - Verse 5:]
Ugh, yo, yo yo,
I'm a bad what? bout to get a maniped
I'm the big bad wolf and your granny dead
Eventhough I'm in mexico
I rep New York like Plexico
Look, switch my name, now I'm celebrating Hannukah
Lewinski b_tches, young money Monica
I been hot since hedgehog, Sonic the
So could you pass me the keys to the Tonica
I mean Tonka, That's the truck b_tches
F_ck you and f_ck all of you f_ck b_tches
Matter of fact, put some sprinkles on my cupcakes
And get ready to put your dimples in this duct tape


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