1017 Thug3 Intro (Beast Mode) - Young Thug feat Gucci Mane

[Intro - Gucci Mane:]
Ey man, what's happening?
1017 Thug 3: The Finale, it's finito, the trilogy
Keep seeking, we got 1017 Thug 1
Made sure y'all get 1017 Thug 2 and 3, The Finale
Trilogy, also look out for The Purple Album
And Thugga Mane LaFlare
We appreciate your purchases
Made you get 1017 Thug 3
You can see [?]

[Verse - Young Thug:]
Beast mode [?]
Lifestyle, lipo
Run up on a young thugga playing
And I'm a burn your head like Michael
Kimbo, slice those
Arms off of his body
Yesterday I was broke, today I got M's
No Illuminati
Los Angeles lifestyle, I left a dude for the fishers
F_ck n_gga, you a rat, you got whiskers
You full of it, I'm an emperor
Leave em in the attic, no temper
Rap around his chest like spenders
Then open up like it's Christmas
Live life, a number 7
I'm not Mike Vick, but I'm a G
Like 1000, speaking 1000
I spend 1000, on my trousers
Smoking white boys, eight milers
In the mountains is where they found us
I pray the critics stay behind us
And we ain't gay anyway
Only ladies can climb us
I pull through your set, you hear cops, you hear bust
You hear sticks, you hear tecs, we shoot heads, we shoot necks
M16, they come through the vest
And they come for your soul and they come for your flesh
They turn white [?] a mess
We tryna hit you, a knife on your leg
We come in the noon, we come in the morning
We try leave you sick like you just caught pneumonia
I redo your hair, but not with [?]
I dive in your b_tch, I might have a cowbunga
I wet up your block like my mama's tsumani
No sperm, but I'm selling everything coming
Booker T Washington, it's history
Your nickname Scooby Doo, cause you's a mystery
Let my n_gga wrapper rap em like a cypher
Webster, we come in your home
And you better come out and stop her

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