Rich Nigga Shit - Young Thug

Rich n_gga sh_t, pull up in that phantom
You know this the anthem, bleeding like a tampon
Rich n_gga sh_t, hundred in my linen
Bad b_tch is trailing me, on my way to Lenox
Rich n_gga sh_t [x4]

Rich n_gga sh_t
B_tches want to f_ck my dog, little tick
All these b_tches got BK, they f_ck in cliques
B_tches whispering in my ear saying she ain't gon snitch
B_tches say they want that south beach, LeBron
B_tches eating ounces of molly like its yums
B_tches bet my home [?] tongues
All these b_tches jump me and they don't give me no ones
You know I chop all of them b_tches up
40k throwed in the ocean, Pacfica
You cannot think that I'm sweet like no Cynnabun
I'm gonna redo your hair, like [?]
Thugger riding home, Thugger got the chrome
Thugger friends with Brodee, getting f_cked on the way home


Hundred K left, hundred K right
B_tches box for boxers, fright night I
Ain't from NYC, but I got bricks and had [?] for the cheese
I got b_tches want to jump on me
They say I never let their old man ME
F_ck em, never eat
Treat em like police
Every time I say I'm dodging em, another b_tch call, [?] charger
These p_ssy n_ggas finna bother him
These p_ssy n_ggas shouldn't have started him
And if Young Thug was food
Many b_tch n_ggas would order him
You know your girl want to order him
You know your auntie want to order him
You know your cousin want to order him
The other order want to order him
All white [?] suit like Eminem
All red [?], shoot like Suge and them


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