911 - Young Thug

9 11
You know I'm gon kill them when I call that 9 11
You know Imma smoke on that hash till there's nothing left
You know Imma cop them foreign cars till it's none left
Thousand dollar step, I'm in that 9 11
Tearing out the streets in that new 9 11
Motors [?] when you get 9 11s
B_tches turn to freaks when you in 9 11s
9 11s, 9 11s

Tearing on the block, I don't care about no cops
I ain't gon never stop, they gon race me to the top
I'm in that 9 11, just don't panic
Whip it all up out that bowl, water, Titanic
I think my car need a band aid, I'm bleeding through the streets
Me and DK on the [?] my car get a lease
Ain't nobody supposed to have it, I snatched it
I gave em mostly green like a salad, not average
Come across the ocean on a boat, then a train
I'm not tryna go to prision but I'm blowing out the brain
No shirt with a scarf on my head like Sudan
Got a bank full of cash money, Baby and Wayne, dang


Brand new AP, came from OG double D
R I f_cking P, 5 mil spent in the streets
You know we gon spazz, we gon kill [?]
But we street bees, we don't have no honey hide out
Bleeding like a fool, Memphis Mark, OG boo dirty
Just hit my line when they ask I say "I know you heard me"
OG Double D left everybody's streets working
I miss him, I got RIP OG Double D on all the birdies
Feeling like Ken, hundred dollar bills on Tonka Trucks
Riding round with so many sins, I ain't gon tell em all this
The p_ssy n_gga hit the pen, I ain't gon tell em fall back
Catch me riding in the 9 11, banging fall back


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