Amazing - Young Thug feat Jacquees

[Verse 1 - Young Thug:]
N_gga have you ever dreamed?
I was the man and you were [?]
One and two, anytime I get mad, I can't get mad at you
God damn, who the hell let rats in the house?
King of lions, who let these cats run out of the house?
Houston, Texas when I'm on land, I lean back like a couch
Hun I'm playin', I wanna [?] call shots like a spouse
We roll that kushy up, we eat that p_ssy all
S_ck it til you're throwin' up, my Phantom grey, no hound
I lost [?] bucks, still waitin' on that Bentley truck
Stop playin', look bitty boy, you're duck
He ain't YSL, n_gga, he ain't in the hut
I might stop buy and let that little b_tch lush
I pull up and chop at your cousin, your bus
Little n_gga, you know what it was
You know what it is, you know what it does
I'm makin' your old lady shakin'
She s_ckin' too slow, I'm impatient
My diamonds so wet like they basin
Don't know where to go, I'm amazin'

[Hook - Jacquees:]
What's amazin'? I don't know
What's amazin'? I don't know
What's amazin'? I don't know
What's amazin'?
I might accept your apology
I mean you throw L's up if you ain't followin'
I am a beast, your life I'll be swallowin'
And I've been drinkin', I need to bottle this

[Verse 2 - Young Thug:]
Man I'm so tired of these n_ggas man, I am so tired of these b_tches
I'm so magnificent, studio workin', I'm wearin' a top like I'm pimpin'
Your b_tch want my milk, I'm sittin' at the top lookin' at these wimps
These hoes just roll me a blunt and you know that they stuffy, they cannot be imps
I never had cutlass and [?] based on my [?] out my trunk
I might f_ck that lil b_tch in the mornin'
I might put her out and call Tyrone
Snoop Dogg, I might go ahead and bone
I'm big ballin', b_tch put me inside the dome
I'm wearin' Maison Margiela
I'm wearin' Maison Margiela
I'm wearin' Maison Margiela
Call that Maison Margiela
Take some sand to the beach
Party with a couple foreign freaks
Kim K lookin' ho, Yeezy
Florida livin' n_gga, [?] beach

Yeah, and I'm a ride this b_tch tonight
And I just might ride this b_tch tonight
[?] where you at baby? [?] where you at baby?

[Verse 3 - Young Thug:]
Brown sugar on that b_tch
Pull up with a ho and she know I'm ready to
Bust her, pay her, leave her, f_ck her
I don't wait up, let me change my mail
He broke, he servin' his squad with a scale
I make it rain, I hope all is well
I pull off deep like what in the hell?
Ho give on my n_ggas some bails
Wait I'm a lay down for a [?]
Pull up in old school Chevelles
I don't save pictures, they might get revealed
How many times have I asked are you well?
How many times have I popped a perc pill?
How many homies at home on the bail?
How many times have I told you you shell?
How many meals have I ate until I burp?
Dropping the top on the [?] ain't no hot top on [?]
Hey I worked so hard to get out that dirt
Hey I was [?] line at work

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