Around My Way - Young Thug feat MPA Duke

[Verse 1 - Young Thug:]
Big old titties my favorite
Put a big B on your head like you a raven
Never ever get you too tired, we're not lakers
And you know a young n_gga more streeter than a pavement
B_tches just me in p_ssy, b_tches just want have my children
B_tches know I'm just not with it, I'm gon watch her while she dishing
You know I'm not with the girl scouts, but I'm just smoking on cookies
Tripping cause you brought your girl out, imma touch her while you ain't looking
She like Mitsubishi, with the motherf_cking secrets
F_ck her every weekend, [?] pockets, just more [?]
Tell me baby mommy, 20k golden onyx
She want some my money, so you know I'm pulling the tommy

[Hook - Young Thug:]
Woah there, just stare
Can't move, wheelchair
Woah yeah, got pocket full of them faces
Rolling just like I roll it for Leoli
You know you gon get it round my way
Gon f_ck around, you gon f_ck around, you gon get it round my way, ay, ay
Gon f_ck around, you gon f_ck around, you gon get it round my way

[Verse 2 - MPA Duke:]
You ain't never took those trips in [?] back and forth
Up and down the interstate, tryna get it
Surrounded by young rich n_ggas, call us gorillas
Untouchable, we walk right in the club with them pistols
Turn a mug into a mushroom, decay, get another sprite
Run up on em close range, that bezel nother life
These n_ggas don't want no problems, we solve em with 15 carbons
They gon think it's a madness the way we marching
And we keep it on us, ain't no way you robbing
Any questions come my way, man we got to solve em
Keep one in the head, so ain't no cocking
P R O B L E M, they don't want no problems


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