Can't Tell - Young Thug feat T.I. & Boosie Badazz

[Hook - Young Thug:]
N_ggas say they f_ck with you, I can't tell
500, 000 dollar Chevelle
I got bricks and birds for retail
I got 100, 000 worth of belts
These b_tches and these n_ggas know that they can't play around here
I call the spot elementary cause I keep a K around here
All my Hatians if you play they make you grady baby
I might shoot you in your head and that is no more thinking
P_ssy boy I'll leave you dead and call it dead-ication
I put Act inside my drink, they call it medication

[Verse 1 - T.I.:]
Hold up, pull up, roll up, pour up
Ounces in a soda
Push up on your b_tch and shawty I didn't even know her
See this hood I throw up, realest one I ever seen
ATL, call it XXL, cause we stay spittin' shells outta long magazine
Real n_gga got a crown, better own that thing
If the game got a throne, bet I'm on that thing
Beloved dope dealer and a well known King
And a killer 'pending on how you put your spin on things
You know how many s_ckers get ahead I've seen?
Bout the same amount of p_ssy n_ggas dead I've seen
You know how many b_tches in the bed I've seen?
They like asking me how much bread I've seen
More than enough, in God we trust
You love a real n_ggas then f_ck with us
But if you got a problem with it then f_ck, what up
It be ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Got your b_tch riding everything but the bus
She let me put it everywhere but the b_tt
I always tell the b_tch don't talk so much
She said "Who I'm hidin' from?"
What the f_ck, for what?

[Hook - Young Thug]

[Verse 2 - Young Thug:]
Man that leanin so bad, I can't even do a push up for a million
(Lean, lean, lean, lean, lean)
Catch a n_gga baby mama
Make her give me nothing but ceiling (head)
Never had time to wrap and cap
And doubt the trap my ice a lamp
I can't adapt, I'd rather the slap
I read the pop, it's capped in now
His mom is out, his dad, his cat
2004 I was screaming everything, Gucci no Big Cat
And we was scannin' the ride with them cases of all these big racks
F_ck a officer, Akon what it do bruh
Keep these f_ckin hoes off for you
When you get some new money turn up uh
You gon' wish you would've or could've
Sit down and get rich like a booker
Might drop the top up off it
If I don't get into the helicopter
Feeling like I'm on a blue dolphin
N_gga roundin' round with like hella choppers
Every time I need new surgery I gon call her my head doctor
5 more thousands cause she ain't got no head problems
Yeah, all my n_ggas they be bleedin' n_ggas
They ain't gon' never cheat a n_gga
Pop her while I'm in the latest season, n_gga
I'm a bag her every time I see her, n_gga
Fishing hoes with my hook
Pockets all swollen, no book
Glasses on, she don't know how I look
Since I'm on how the f_ck do I look?
You ain't got no milli, you can't tell me how I look
I'm a big old Blood over here

[Hook - Young Thug]

[Verse 3 - Boosie Badazz:]
You ain't read the paper, you ain't seen the news
Got a team of goons bout action
Never started, but I finish it so nasty
Ask em, they know bout me
I'm so Keyshia with the 9, rock a bye baby
So smooth, so fly baby, rock a bye baby
Let me turn up now
4 shows a week, 100 thousand a piece
We getting bread now
Mama don't worry bout nothin'
You can kick up your legs now
I ain't lying, got hitters on top of hitters
Got hitters on top of hitters
Rest in peace to my n_gga Lil Bleek
I miss you, I miss you n_gga
Just tryna live and have a lil fun n_gga
Nephew just came home, half a million dollar bond n_gga
I got fans that bust yo ass, you talk bout Boosie baby
Got off my ass, went got that bag and Boosie made it
Hey daddy made it

[Hook - Young Thug]

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