Dead Fo Real - Young Thug

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Lil tryna make a mili
You know I turn a broke ho into a f_ckin' (?)
I thug for life, my nickname Makaveli
F_ckin' right, a February n_gga scary
She braid my hair, R. motherf_ckin' Kelly
She shave with Nair, p_ssy sticky like jelly
We (?) they call us Nelly
And this real gold, yup it came from Jeffrey's
Yup, her mind see through like jellyfish
And we ain't gotta watch TV, let's make a dish
I'm sharper than a motherf_ckin' razor
100 in (?) in my blazer, blazer
F_ck too good, wake up the neighbor, neighbor
Ay bro, say ho, everything red like a laser
And everything red like my label

[Hook: Young Thug]
Ball long time, P dead for real
Goon ridin' behind me dead for real
Know they ain't gone try me, dead for real
You know they gone die, be dead for real
The b_tches love Young Thug, dead for real
I'm (?) like a (?), dead for real
I don't care about smelling like her, dead for real
Young player need a pimp cup, dead for real

[Verse 2: PeeWee Longway]
(?) pour six slugs and .38 with six slug
A youngin' thuggin' with a .38 to hit ya
This ain't a (?) gun
And a (?) like (?) n_gga
And Thugger Thugger live the thug life with me
We from (?) no drop
Longway in the booth (?), n_gga
(?) like a (?)
Clean bricks runnin' through n_gga, hella guapo
And we got four spots, (?) different narcs though
We the doors swanging, the (?) Bentley put (?) 'em
2013 drop top, (?) on 'em
Thugger Thugger, ya I seen, Forgiato no limp
Yea, I seen a lot of (?) with they (?) out
And I (?) with my clip
I be .40, s_ck a thugger
(?) hit the lot and bust a bag (?)
(?) money on 'em, Longway

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