Dome - Young Thug feat Duke

[Intro - Young Thug:]
I got like 5 million in 12 hundred thousand hoes
They drippin' all over my mother f_ckin' clothes

[Hook - Young Thug:]
Let's go off the dome
I can't make it home
I f_cked her, I boned her
She leave an aroma
They calling my phone up
My girl like "What's going on?"
She's s_cking, puttin' me in a coma
I nut on that fish on my sofa

[Verse 1 - Young Thug:]
D_ckie suit, tux
Flat, hanging to the right
Put that young b_tch in a bucket
Kid Cudi, f_ck her all day and all night
Ok, I'm in this b_tch with lil Duke, no way
You can be with me, you too, four way
Put that b_tch off from my deuce, slow day
I'm a sell at least like 2

[Verse 2 - Duke:]
Thugga Thugga what it do
Riding in the fast lane, I'm a Luda (Skrrr)
All these drugs that we abusing (drugs)
Addicting to winning, not losing
I'm in the kitchen just cooking (cook it up)
Middle finger to a bucket (f_ck em)
F_ck running off, f_ck n_gga I took it
Diamond so wet, I might need to douche it

[Verse 3 - Young Thug:]
That means they shower, they shower me
Just like lil n_gga [?] will be
Win is what my n_ggas can all be
Beyonce b_tch I'm a bumblebee
[?] you can stick on me
Jingle bells, baby you can ring on me

[Hook - Young Thug]

[Verse 2 - Young Thug & Duke]

[Verse 4 - Duke:]
458 California 'Rari
I got that old money, call it Atari
Let's go off the dome, I chop by the dome
Keep a couple grams in my field pocket
Keep a pocket rocket on me
Ain't no guessing if I'm gon' pop it
Got a lot of blood homies
And guess what it ain't no stopping

[Verse 5 - Young Thug:]
Hop in the car and I'm whiling, I'm styling
I hop out it cause I'm [?] drove
F_ck n_gga try me, no Eddie Bauer
I'm a pull up and make it rain, shower
I'm a lick it when it come to that p_ssy
I hop up like the Isis tower (hop up)
I would rather be a coyote than be a coward

[Verse 6 - Duke:]
I creep right up on them
Hit em with the AK, 7 in the morning (pew pew)
No Christmas Eve, caught him by surprise, he was still yawning
I'm running the city, you running that loner, I'm running with owners
I'm running with owners, I'm not even thinking I'm right off the dome

[Hook - Young Thug]

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