Draw Down - Young Thug

[Hook - Young Thug:]
I know how to go and get a mother f_cking check
No flex
Flawless and VV's all over my neck
And my chest
I'm a big dog baby mof_cka a vet
I don't get s_cked unless I'm having sex
Hoes know YSL they real as it gets
No giraffe but Thugger want nothing but neck
Plus I'm a pull a draw down on all of them
I'm a pull a draw down on all of them
Pull a draw down on all of them (quick draw McGraw)
I'm a pull a draw down on all of them
N_gga I'm gon draw down with my gun
N_gga you might be swept by my sword
P_ssy n_gga you's a rat and I'm Tom
Every given sunday I got falcons

[Verse 1 - Young Thug:]
Pull up with that K out of the coupe
I like my b_tch brown like a mother f_cking boot
I like that ass big like Shaq tennis shoes
And I want that wig mother f_ck your hairdo
Control that ho, no voodoo
I be Thugger Liu Kang, Ryu
Damn I don't wanna hit it again, achoo!
Make a n_gga go brazy, cuckoo
Drinking on that diesel like a pig
I don't talk to snitches, you can't tell me nothing
I think I found my new favorite b_tch
I'm f_cking with Travi$ Scott so you can't sell T nothing
Tell me how you feel
I pull up and beat that p_ssy like the pill
I go Dre Beats on a mother f_cking freak
I got white minks on my floor, I killed the sheep
I know you a freak yeah you the skeet meat
I'm a proceed to the T-O-P
I might ball Jerrika ask her where the f_ck she started
When these b_tches play with her baby she go retarded
I'm biting you barking, please tell 'em


[Verse 2 - Young Thug:]
Every given sunday I got birds on the oneway, yeah the conway
Dreads braided to the back like a mother f_cking cliche
When she tell me it's too f_cking fast I'm like no way
Please don't ask if I wanna see it, I'm like show it
Baby girl show me that p_ssy, show it
And I ain't Future or Rocko but they know it
Yeah they know it, n_ggas know it
I can go all day like a f_cking poet
House full of weed, drink f_cking Moet
I can let my brother kill ya n_gga, Thugger muncher
Better know she popping if Young Thug approach her
I done bought me so much water b_tch I'm overdosing
My car don't come with keys and your key a token
I bought a black cuban link look like I'm choking
I don't like to talk b_tch, I'm not a spokesman
I do not want that head b_tch, I want that throat and
If she get that d_ck hard you know I'm pokin'
Put that p_ssy on my head like a f_cking Motrin
My diamonds still moving when I'm not in motion
I pour fours of the Ac in phantoms and toast it
I love green so much all my money f_cking moldy
Hi Benjamin, Grant, Jackson, I'm just focused


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