Fuck with It - Young Thug

[Intro: Young Thug]
Ya, know what I'm saying brody
Ima take that sh_t
Yeah you know lil' bro ima take that sh_t n_gga

[Hook: Young Thug]
I'm just too bad to be shy
Dropped up out of school in sixth grade
Got money like six ways
Now I cooked so many babies I need my tubes tied
Drinking on that pink lemonade
My wrist servin' parade
Then tell her if she like money then tell her to f_ck with me
Let me know if she like money so I can f_ck with her
Yeah, I'm droppin' them bands every time I sl_t with her
I got to f_ck with her, I got to f_ck with her
Okay cool

[Verse 1]
I bout to sign her brother
Her little sister adorable
Thats a big dog, real talk and I'm gonna all in bout her
She ain't never ever got high but I'm dancing with the stars
And she know every time I walk past I'm sh_tting on her boy
Oh My God, OMG I think this girl in to me, so is he
No Homo but I love Alicia but I hate Keys
So when they come in I give them b_tches out by the 10's
ESPN, Molli just my den, B_tch I am went in
I ain't worried bout no sin
I know God went in
Real Street N_gga
Thousands unrecorded f_ck yo pen


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