Halftime - Young Thug

Halftime, half a perc and half a zan make it halftime
Half a pint, pour up an eight, my n_gga halftime
Tryna rob that stick turn his body in halftime (Yeahh)

[Verse 1:]
Hit the streets and tear this b_tch up like I'm Willie B
No Tennessee but the chain on my neck is a T
No Memphis Bleek, b_tch I own the Roc not Jay Z, ya dig?
War Ready like Tracy T, ya dig?
Racks on racks on racks just might pull up in my Spider
All my diamonds black you can motherf_ckin' knight 'em
All these p_ssy n_ggas whack, I'm a murk em every night'll
Pull up screamin' blat, got my motor out a Viper
Got 100 mil flat like my motherf_ckin' idol
I might eat it, I might lick it, but I swear I'll never bite 'em
I swear every time I dress myself it go motherf_ckin' viral
They say n_ggas stealin' swag, bring my sh_t back like recycles
I'm a ask her for some head
I don't know that ho, I act like she dead
Insurance on my money like a wreck
Every time I see her, she lick the cleavage
F_ck her on a $10, 000 bed
I could never love her, f_ck her
And s_ck my d_ck like Beavis no B_tthead
C_caine white like Justin Bieber b_tch
I might show the racks and tease the b_tch
I might want it but I don't need the b_tch
I been flooded out my Jesus b_tch
I want your pizza, Little Caesar's b_tch
Ninth Ward, I buy my diesel b_tch
I don't wanna talk and see a snitch
No teacher, we chalkin' sh_t
I pass the school, I pass by all the stallions
I just want that neck like a giraffe
I like fish in water, I'm a bear
175, I shave it like it's Nair
Lay out, watch the kids like a daycare
I don't play games, no I'm not the fair
I got Hot Wheels like a motherf_ckin' chariot
Chanel Vintage but this sh_t is real

Heyyy let's have a good time!
Heyy let's a have a very good time!

[Verse 2:]
I done figured this sh_t out
If you think you gone bite on my swag it's a virus
I don my swag and I pull up on b_tches dressed in all white like Miley Cyrus
No, I'm not gay, I f_ck b_tches on b_tches
I whip out she s_ck on my private (S_ck it!)
Lil n_gga play, I'm a catch him down bad and then stick 'em fold 'em like a wallet
I swear to God there's only one of me and these b_tches 3D like a trolley
I'm walkin' through it like tons of the ones and these b_tches grabbin' on my phallus
F_ck n_gga try me I swear to God lil whodie done pull up and pop at his noggin
B_tch I got water I look like I'm fresh from Hawaii
Having the time of my motherf_ckin' life
I'm gonna buy everything I want, I can't think twice
You can turn the icetray off baby I'm havin' ice
As long as I live I never want a wife


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