Hurt Yo Eyes - Young Thug feat Young LA

[Verse 1 - Young Thug:]
Now baby I can't tell him
We gon catch him in these streets
Bust his cerebellum
Looking for him like the police
With my umbrella, when I hop up out the phantom
I bang watermelon, that's the color bandan
Molly got me ruling, see all of these plotting n_ggas
I'm like the president, n_ggas they want to bury me
B_tches they want to [?] the kid
I'm fly like pelican, all of these b_tches wait for bids
I'm sick and tired of the critinitics
All the critics want to bite into my dip sum
I ain't playing, I'm for real for some
King cobra n_gga killing off
Too many, too pretty, these the city b_tches
All these [?] n_ggas riding d_ck without permission
All these critics tryna kill me but it's benefit me
There's a mill near my sh_t, get it
That's my sh_t, get it
Get it

[Hook - Young LA:]
All these [?] out here [?]
So many foreign b_tches in my phone
I'm a pull outside with purple
All this goddamn money on me
It'll hurt your eyes, it'll hurt your eyes
It'll hurt your eyes, it'll hurt your eyes
It'll hurt your eyes, it'll hurt your eyes
It'll hurt your eyes, it'll hurt your eyes

[Verse 2 - Young Thug:]
On the phone with bloody, listening to the chain gang
When I was young I used to wonder how it feels to gang bang
Now that I bang it feel like my phone don't ever stop ringing
Play with big B's and that funeral ain't gon never stop singing, n_gga
N_gga riding round with Glock 40s
No lady, but we riding round, looking for shorty
Pistol old, but you know them b_tches only 30
I been busting since I was 12, my scrap ain't no virgin
Young n_ggas, climbing up the f_cking ladder
We gon reach you, push a n_gga like you came out of [?]
Hundred shots hit him, fold him up like a centipede
D K O J, he like to smoke a n_gga, no weed
Baow, baow, baow, baow
Man down, get him
Baow, baow, baow, baow
These these f_cking missiles
N_gga playing with the squad, we coming too hard
We coming to hard, better play the squad


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