I M Fo Real - Young Thug

[Verse 1:]
All my b_tches say I act so (?)
Cause I got four birds on (?)
I got so many birds stuffed in a rental
I might get (?) with no (?)
Hey bro, you got (?)
I not gonna let her get in my head like crochets
I got a habit of (?) new J's
OG Boo and (?) drinkin' them (?)
Ok Boo, okay motherf_ckin' Boo
Lets break the rules, if I don't know n_ggas, you fools
Ayy, grab that tool, that LMS card, that (?)
Been through hell, but I'm God's gift like (?)
Shout out (?)
My life (?) troopers, woah
I'm just bicken it with my bloods and we boolin', boolin'
(?) my life is so movin', movin', movin'
Like Shaq feet yeah i been gay
But I hope my career will take me a long way
A long way, a long way

She went and tell her friend about the way you (?)
She tell her friend she like (?) chimneys
She tell her friend she (?) Remy
She like how the hell you put 50,000 in these skinnies?
Now I'm forreal, I'm forreal, I'm forreal, I'm forreal, I'm forreal

[Verse 2:]
Now I'm a boss you gotta keep me out your business
And when I hit it, I'mma get inside her kidney
I drink that lean all day, I don't have no limit
And just like Master P, change (?)
These n_ggas singing on they (?) without a Grammy award
I'm in that 2015 fish with the sound like a (?)
Yeah, and then that Masi
I rap myself, I (?) rap everybody
My real name Jeffrey and I ran around the lobby
I got 100,000 packs and (?) buy it
I get a geek, she be sneakin' on that molly
And I'm swagged the f_ck, I don't need a stylist


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