Just Might Be - Young Thug

Never gon cheat, yeah, I promise!
Never gon cheat, yeah, I promise!
Aye man get your mutherf_ckin hands away from my syrup man
Livin life bro, I'm happy

Baby you know that I might be the realest little n_gga you ever gone see
Baby you know that I might be trillest little n_gga that you wanna be
Baby you know that I might be the richest little n_gga you ever could treat
And you know that I might just scoop that little b_tch up off of her feet
All of these n_ggas they know that they fallin' and everyone wanna be me
All of these b_tches don't wanna be cheated on but all these b_tches wan' cheat
All of these b_tches wanna be the new wifey but all of these b_tches be cheatin
All of these rappers I swear they watering down, on the chlorine

[Verse 1:]
Feed me, feed me
These p_ssy n_ggas tighter than a wedgie, weegee
I live life like a sniper, they can't see me, see me
Her heart like an old diaper, I can't leave it, leave it
I'm drinkin' on this motherf_ckin' mud
Okay my f_ckin' back pocket is fat like a b_tt
I swear I'm a blood, I can never be your cause
You can roger that like my motherf_ckin' buzz (Losie!)
I'll bippoty-bop, then stick it and fade
I keep some coke and the rocks on me everyday
I got a b_tch with a yacht missin in the bay
Come here choke me if you wan' go on a date
I'll make bail within' the first 48
I'll give her the stick
She gone get a clip, bigger than a porn star d_ck
And I need new casting, for a porn star clip


That's called breathin', that's how you let that b_tch breathe fool

[Verse 2:]
Okay you know all my diamonds got no flaws
Momma move to 85 north, not 85 south
I think these hoes piranhas, excluding my baby momma
I take care my daddy momma by pullin' up with them bundles
If I ain't treat you good little baby just know it's karma
You did my n_gga wrong, I know it, it was last summer
Lyin' to me, tellin' me I'm the bomb like Osama
I wish I could spend 50 bands on tour for grandmama
I'd crack that n_gga head with a bottle
I could never call, not a fed, not a cop
N_ggas sit on the bench and I said do ya'll
YSL scream: for the red crew, we got it right on
N_ggas got me on my syrup in this Bentley, see ya'll
That little b_tch just want birds and you know I said ya'll
She gone act just like a clitoris with them feds and act dumb
She might act like she know Bird when them players in there


Yeah I'm a crazy motherf_cker, fool
I got on [?] but you know I'm still drippin' you know what I'm sayin'

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