Mine - Young Thug

[Verse 1:]
How the f_ck a n_gga gon' try tell me
Bout the motherf_cking ice that I'm rocking
'Bout the motherf_cking b_tches that I'm f_cking
And, s_cking and putting them in a bucket then
Beat that p_ssy up like it's the twelfth round
Up in n_ggas towns with my zoe pounds
I don't go around since it come around
Wet diamonds in my mouth if I kiss her she drown
If I leave a n_gga white T-Shirt red
It'll be a peppermint or a baseball n_gga
I know they sick and tired of hearing bout my jewellery but if it fall
On the ground yeah you might just slip and fall n_gga
She a shark she like a jaws n_gga
Your b_tch says she wants a tall n_gga
You are one midget you too small n_gga
She s_ck my d_ck and rub my balls n_gga
Big money over here, man
Still active don't let me show all my skills man
Yeah my jeans they blue dolphin not no SEALs man
I run up money run up gold like a pilgrim

N_gga how the hell you gon' tell me what's mine?
I remember on the block I was serving them dimes
Yeah, how the hell you gon' tell me what's mine?
And them boys they had no dope I was selling you mine
How the hell you gon' tell me what's mine?
Little n_gga go ahead tell me what's all on your mind
Yeah, all on your mind, yeah

[Verse 2:]
N_gga, big plans on my mind n_gga
N_gga, Catch these ones like the swine n_gga
N_gga, you be cuffing with no ties n_gga
Twin dimes and they mine, fold em like a pork rind
I know bloods that rock burgundy, no wine
Told that n_gga best believe I'm a stay one round
In the back of the car screaming YSL hold it down
Yeah, hold it down till he come back off on an appeal
That's the real deal
I'm a eat that p_ssy down then I'm a roll up some kush straight out the fields
I told her straight to her face if she don't do it I know someone that will
You know the deal
I don't want to drink no lean with these n_ggas if it's not double sealed
And that's the real
N_gga big B balling no budget
And my car is rare like a mullet
I've seen this b_tch from up the stairs she ain't ugly
B_tches bome up to my room and they get sl_tty
B_tches ball me Jeff and the F stand for f_ck it
One more time for my jewellery, yes is flooded
Take that d_ck up out her coochie, then I b_tt it
All these n_ggas with me blooded, like we cutted


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