Never Had It - Young Thug feat Young Dolph

[Hook - Young Thug:]
P_ssy n_ggas actin' like they never had sh_t
All these b_tches actin' like they never had sh_t
I got a bad b_tch, she said she always had sh_t
All these flawless diamonds, yeah they're lookin' glassy
Catch that n_gga slippin', I'm a do 'em nasty
Check out my attire, this expensive fabric
We can wrestle just like Randy Savage
My jewelry as cold as an attic
The kush that I smoke'll blow your lungs out
I'm a walk in and clutch it like it's a war house
All your b_tches that's busted, they live in your house
What goes up goes down, my n_gga, north south
I done ran up them M's without a tour now
She done stepped up her game, Christian couture now
These n_ggas thought that they knew it but they don't know it now
I swear to God they're pursuin' at all my shows now

[Verse 1 - Young Thug:]
Hopped out my bed and hopped right in a foreign
B_tch don't get close, this a mothaf_ckin' warning
S_ck that d_ck good, I'm the mothaf_ckin' warden
She runnin' away from my weed like it farted
She don't wanna swallow so I put it on her neck
I beat that p_ssy up, she loud as a parade
I got 1 million but only 10 in the bank
I taste a sample, I only buy if it's dank
I cook fishscale, and sang to her at the same time like Tank
I was born in '91, 23 with a whole lotta stain
5 star mothaf_cka
Baby can you feel my pain?
All my diamonds need to be drained
I got a gangsta b_tch that's gon' bang
And I got racks up, I can't complain
And all my dogs, they're dirty, check for mange
And all I gotta do is reserve your brains
And I'm a gangsta, my nuts, they gone hang
Who said you was straight? Boy you need to be retained


[Verse 2 - Young Dolph:]
Took the Rollie off, put the Breitling back on
Walk in the room and I cut the lights on
Why you spending like that? Cause I ain't ever had sh_t
This that real n_gga PaperWrap, YSL sh_t
Never loved a b_tch but I love money
In the church payin' my tithes with drug money
Went and got a new plug, got mama a new house
And a couple new coupes, that's how a young n_gga live
Couple b_tches, good weed that how a n_gga chill
Top floor, penthouse, still crackin' seals
Them Houston n_ggas be like, "That young n_gga trill"
Them New York n_ggas say that young n_gga ill
My mama always told me dress to kill
My uncle always told me pack the steel
That n_gga Thugger, that's my mothaf_ckin' brotha
From a motherf_ckin' other, I'm a show you how to make magic
The f_ck is you mad at?
Got your b_tch dancin' all in my spot with no panties
I said, "B_tch where your mothaf_ckin' man at?
F_ck that, where your friends at?" Dammit
Sold 50 p's, hold it, have to bag it
That little b_tch you lovin' on, I been had it
Pull up in a new drop, that thang nasty
Mama call all my big booty b_tches trashy


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