Patna Dem - Young Thug feat PeeWee Longway


[Hook - Young Thug]
4 or 5 b_tches in this motherf_cking caravan (5)
No I, can't get back on the road without f_cking again (and why?)
So I, hit her one more 'gain and let all her friends (ha ha!)
Show out, for my patna dem, my patna dem

Catch your b_tch down bad
Like I bought her limbs (oh damn)
She say she need them bands just to start her year (and why)
She don't mind f_cking all, this that b_tch career (she pursuing)
And I'mma stay silent, I ain't tellin' nobody

[Verse - PeeWee Longway]
(Hood rich)
Big way Longway coming
Cash out on this keisha
And I'm beatin' yo' b_tch down like DMX did Keisha
On Belly
And I'm letting go rounds like Ox
Who want war? Who ready?
Your b_tch digging my gangsta
She tell 4 or 5 of her friends
This n_gga here he a fool
He a star, you see his diamonds?
Did I mention his gas - stuffed crusting his Swisher - on Two cups, and mud
He a fiend, what's up, need a sl_t
To s_ck the molly off me

And 4-5 of your homegirls to fill this van up
(Got molly tennis book[?]) say you want to walk on the beach girl
Go on, take a lick
Go on, s_ck some d_ck
Nourish your career
Sl_tty sl_t b_tch

[Hook - Young Thug]

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