Shooting Star - Young Thug

Let ya main hoe s_ck me up from ground zero
Ridin' round tryna get it, I got kilos
Me, Guwop, and Young Scooter
Bout to take a n_gga main hoe to hooters
Then the gambling house to see shooters
Bout to get a couple hundred for a ruger
I'm a hero
I'm in the A tryna spend these sheros
I'm on three different drugs this C-lo
But I can handle
So well I need a nine like Rondo
But I'm a wear five like Flacco
Cuz I bleed blood
I can't be cuz, so I don't wanna see cuz
I'm 14-26 weirdo, got goons that stay in Baltimore
These lil rap n_ggaz hot, Guwop
Tell me why I got this mink on
These hoes fallin in traps, Guwop
Damn they gettin they sync on
Diamonds hit like water
I think I got my sink on
R-O-B 10-17
No shirt, links on
That's a bar, and u a pet and I'm a bear and my car is rare
And my hoe foot bare, right there

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