That's All - Young Thug

I got me a K in this place
Baby, don't play in this place
You can call me ace in this place
Ten thousand dollar vase in his face
Bring them racks out the safe
Go to church like Mase
Put a mask on my face
Beat the case and buy a case and he dead

F_ck a n_gga b_tch, that's all
Grabbin' on my d_ck, that's all
Stuntin' with my b_tch, that's all
Standin' with my clique, that's all
My cup gotta be muddy, that's all
She tell me that she love me, that's all
I wanna clean it with Lysol (fresh)
She f_ckin' all my buddies, that's all

[Verse 1:]
She f_ckin' all my buddies
I might love f_ckin' it, but I say can I love it?
I might catch a n_gga, b_tch and f_ck her right I crush her
B_tch, I am a monster, I know I am a lil' ugly
I might pull up with all of my jewelry on like Busta
Got a unique body, my clothes, get 'em from Russia
I might pull up and pimp that b_tch just like a s_cka
[?] I f_ck unless I got my mustard, ketchup, n_gga
N_gga loaded pimpin' pimp tight, game right
I might eat it, I might beat it like Mike Ikes
Treat that p_ssy Tempurpedic, and call it a night
She compliment on my fly, and I ain't talking no flight
And therefore I love her
She make a n_gga shine without using b_tter
My partner in crime, she won't tell like her mother
We don't want no one other, we got one another
She know I got her weed and each other
She know I'm a grip her V when I f_ck her
She know I'm a go overseas like a Blood
Hey baby my name Jeff and Mud



[Verse 2:]
I won't hit that girl, no guacamole
I can see straight through you like a bullet
Shawty want my closet like a hood
F_ck all of my feelings, no good
B_tch I am a tiger, no wood
I done see more hoes than Tiger Woods
When she with me she just do it
She can't fit into these jeans don't do it

[Bridge 1:]
She remember me
She remember everything about me
She remember me
She remember, she remember everything
She remember me
She remember me
She do it, she do, she do

[Verse 3:]
She remember I'm a young n_gga
Every time she sees those raps she want a song, n_gga
She know I'm in her mouth just like some gum, n_gga
I might give her my all, then some, n_gga
I strap my fingers and then check my palms, n_gga
My girl gon' relax, and dressed in Toms, n_gga
I got Lil' Bobby say [?] my tongue, n_gga
You know my cup is pink, like bubblegum, n_gga

[Bridge 2:]
Pink, p_ssy wetter than a sink
Out here on my knees
If I can't have you you're deceased
That means I couldn't be
Baby, I can't see, curiosity
In love with the opposite of me
Do you dig it?


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