Thug - Young Thug

[Hook: Young Thug]
The R stands for royalty, U stands for unity
N ain't gone never b_tch, T stands for truancy
S stands for sex, stayed about money
Bought so many foreign shoes, I'm startin' to grow corn, b_tch
The R stands for robbin', O stands for on, b_tch
B stands for bleveland, red just like our team is
And pull up to the booty club, Bentley top receding
You know I got plenty girls, spendin' bands on they nieces

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
I ain't playin' on a man, I got motherf_ckin' bands
I need a couple bars, where the f_ck is Tarzan
Tryna rob, better have a 100 motherf_ckin' plans
I kill a punk ho, she getting found by her dad
Hickory, d_ckory, motherf_ckin' dock
B_tches just look at my motherf_ckin' watch
B_tches, they like when I cook on them blocks
Get away with murder like a motherf_ckin' cop
Indonesia, Indones
I got birds, I'm ridin' round with key-key, f_ck 'round with keys
I'm a blood, you can't, or I might bleed ya
Hit a lick by myself, bust it down with my homies
Count this money fool
b_tches is tragedies
Now them b_tches chasin' after me
And them b_tches chasin' after him
Hey, I'm a boss, I need M&Ms
Hey, play, pullin' up with


[Verse 2: Runts]
Skrrrr, when I pull up on them fours, Forgi's
Take your b_tch, make your b_tch make it to an orgy
They said that I would never make it
So I got my blunt, got a and had to take it
Yea, it's Young Squeaky and Young Thug
I think I'm on three drugs
Every time you see my
You know I sleep with the plug
We got a mag with the top off
Tired of countin' up, meet me at the loft
Got pills, hard, still got soft
They tryna man, just take 'em out


[Verse 3: Runts]
Runts, last letter yeah it stand for sex
Your b_tch p_ssy got wet when she seen the Rolex
Zoom, when I pulled up I got all the attention
The AP full of real diamonds just look how it glisten
This world is just a dirty world
Keep your head up, keep your head up, and survive her
Yea, cause these streets, yeah they play for keeps
These n_gga hang out, they don't want a n_gga to eat
know n_gga
I'm gonna get money, f_ck b_tches, and flip mo figures
And I'mma stay down with my crew, you n_ggas ho n_ggas
And I'mma keep stackin' this cash, it's all I know n_gga


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