Trigger Finger - Young Thug

Oh no no, no nooo
I can't take no hoooe
To my mama place, I can't take no ho to my mommy place.. Plus
My trigger finger just itchin' [x4]
My trigger finger just itch, trigger finger just itch
My trigger finger just itch, trigger finger just itch

That 40 on my waistline
I got that 40 on my waistline
So don't play with my cause I don't play with you
Out my respect I'll come lay with you if that's okay with you
Choppers, AK's, Hand Grenades We take that kill sh_t no payback
But ill kill you and listen close no mistake that
But we don't play basketball, b_tch there's no take back
And all my n_ggas strapped up everyday
No cannon but you know everyday is payday
And if you ever ever ever play its gone be mayday
Take a n_gga bird by my goddamn self, I don't really need no foreplay


CRE, cash rules everything around me, cash rules everything around me
Cash rules everything around me, Hold up
Draw it out on this 4 pound, P_ssy n_gga don't make a sound
Don't make no sounds
Pass baby girl them boots
O, damn she don't take molly, ima take some for you
Then, I just went to see the priest, he say I need new friends
Just like horse food, baby I ain't tryna see the pen
Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom C4 Bro'
I got automatic bars, 5-0 Glow
You get caught up on the road, say you John Doe
All these lessy ass n_ggas need a little mo'


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