Wanna Be Me - Young Thug

Please tell em they wanna be me
Somebody tell them they won't be me
Tell lil mama she wanna be me
I pulled up, they wanna be
I tried to tell them they won't be me, n_gga
I tell them they won't be me
(Tell them, tell them n_gga)
City know, City know they can't be me
City know, City know they can't be me

[Verse 1:]
I f_cked the b_tch to be precise
She cook the Thugger corn and rice
I f_ck her fast, within the night
I might pour a lot of pints, a lot of Sprite, a lot of ice
Two cups stuffed, I need two cups stuffed
Ran them bands up, b_tch I'm eating I'm getting bucks
Clean a b_tch face with the nut, f_ck a Puff

Young Thugger savage, Thugger savage, Thugger savage
I'm a savage, I'm a f_ck her like a savage
She love my thing and then she following all my steps
Then she chase a n_gga down like a rabbit
I'm stupid flooded with them carrots
I got some motherloving carrots
I'm a carrot

[Verse 2:]
I paid one-fifty for the carrots in my chains and my rings
Watches is just change, yeah my ice from Johnny Dang
No comparing you plain I got mine ice from [?]
Even if you a lame you bool if you stay in ya lane
You can feel my pain, and I don't need no T-pain
You got so much pain that you don't need no T-Pain
Thugger Thugger pain they gon play with [?]
I'm a buss his brain and mail his ass straight outta state
I'm a pull right in front cha land and take ya pint
I'm a pull up on you point a beam ready to bake
I'm a pull up trying to thug for racks [?]
I can't find the place, I'm pouring your children down the sink
Rrrah rrrah, talk

B_tch I'm a motherf_cking savage
I'm a savage, I'm a savage, I'm a motherf_cking savage
She see them n_ggas beat her down, wanna f_ck the b_tch
She f_ck with Thugger Thugger like a carrot
My Maison's on like a carriage
My wheels taller than a Ferris
Came for carrots

[Verse 3:]
I'm a show her love and she gon f_ck me like a king
I'm a f_ck her friend that says she f_cked me in her dream
I'm a make her nut and yes I want that nut on me
I'm a f_ck them both and yes, they want that nut on we
Cut that b_tch on tour depending on [?] D.I.E
I'm a catch your b_tches, yes she f_cking on my team
I'm a catch your mama, she gone f_ck me and my team
I'm a catch them both and they gone
I'm a catch your b_tches [?]
Bet she wanna f_ck a n_gga, for real
Bet she wanna f_ck a n_gga, for real

I ain't gon stop I'm a f_ck em, I'm a f_ck em forever
I ain't got stop I'm a give 'em, throw up all the cheddar
I'm a catch on these b_tches, spray a b_tch with the Beretta
I'm would f_ck on her sister she got her groove back like Stella
Oh my God
Oh God

Carrots in my watches, in my jewelry, in my chain
Carrots on my flosses, twelve-hundred on my thing
Coming in their mouth and never coming out the south
I'm a f_ck that b_tch and then I nutted in her clit
[?] b_tches, she wanna f_ck me in the kitchen

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