With That - Young Thug feat Duke

[Hook - Young Thug:]
Hunnid' bands, hunnid' bands
Dropped on the head of any n_gga that want it man
Pop me a xannie I'm fast, I'm so fast, I'm so faster than Sonic man
Tru the man, Tru the man, Tru to my n_gga, Tru religion, Buddha man
My money stand tall like Ludacris afro and I swear I'm a shoot with that
I just hit for 9 birds, what I'm a do with that?
Pull up on the curb, then you hop out and be through with that
I'm so fresh like dish detergent, if you not fresh she so through with that
If you are a nerd, everything here you not cool with that

[Verse 1 - Young Thug:]
Yes you not cool, no you not bool
I don't give no damn I'm not calling you boo
My b_tch she a jewel
You can't prove a point, boy you know you so doomed
You know you so doomed
I swear I'm so lost with no clue
Don't know what to do
Over load, over load I over load on these n_ggas
Ain't know how to milk these cows
She made that d_ck rose now it be like a tower
Yaow, front pockets filled up with bands, no bowel


[Verse 2 - MPA Duke:]
Pull up, hop out on the block, they tuck
And they tell I go "Who the clan?"
Dressed in all black
I'm always on the road, just like a uber man
We wrappin' and sendin' them packs
Soon as they land we movin' em
Blame it on the OG's, they influenced me on everything
Count money n_gga, I ain't just made money, n_gga
I put lipstick on the rari, she say that's delicious
Who that is in that Crown Vic, he look suspicious (Shhh)
I just jugged 100 pounds, I made a

[Hook - Young Thug]

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