Only in America - Action Bronson feat Party Supplies

I'm focused, man, I swear I'm focused. These mothaf_ckas don't know, I'm the mothaf_ckin' golden child. Uh huh

[Verse 1 - Action Bronson:]
Anywhere I go, you know you're goin' with me
Bobby and Whitney without the sniffin'
Dog your b_tch look like Eddie Griffin
I'm three wheelin', keep the Chevy tippin'
Big bearded Buddha bangin' b_tches in Bermuda
Barry Bonds, barracuda, Chattanooga
Back alley shooter, black Balley booter
Catch me jumpin' out the plane like a black puma
Stoned, pump Depeche Mode
Man all I see is red snow
Left my man with a headstone on Edgecombe
He was goin' for the glory and the end zone
Just another sob story cause the pen's cold
Am I gonna sell my soul? That depends, ho
Man the vehicle's a rental, speak gentle
Mink sweatsuit
Stab your father while he's pissin' in the men's room

[Hook - Party Supplies:]
Only in America
Just can't seem to get you off of my mind
Only in America
All that seems we're goin' nowhere
Only in America
And I just can't seem to get you off my mind
The best things in life are free
All that seems we're goin' nowhere
All that seems we're goin' nowhere
All that seems we're goin' nowhere
Goin' nowhere, nowhere

[Verse 2 - Action Bronson:]
NYC what the f_ck is goin' on?
These mothaf_ckas won't play my song
They sayin' that we soft, they sayin' that we fell off
They sayin' that these other f_ckers better than us, you gotta be kiddin'
A bunch of pussies, when you piss, you gotta be sittin'
You tie your hair in a bun and shirt in a knot
You got the urge to s_ck the cock of Serge Ibaka
Pictures of naked rappers hangin' in your locker
You and your father never played catch, he taught you how to twerk
Since I've been on the Earth I've been lightin' up
And I've been all around the world twistin' dykes and purp
Sh_t, light the earth


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